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Marc Luber: Hey everyone – welcome to Careers
Out There – I’m your host Marc Luber and we’re helping you find a career that fits you. You
know when you’re a kid and you’re growing up in school and you never want to get called
to the principal’s office because you don’t want to be in trouble? Well today’s guest
gets to call the principal to HIS office! He’s the superintendent of the Pennoyer school
district in the Chicago area and his name is Mike Lubelfeld. Mike – welcome to Careers
Out There. Mike Lubelfeld: Thank you very much, Marc.
It’s great to be here. Marc Luber: Excellent! So since this is the
short version of our interview, let’s give everyone a taste and then if they want to
hear more they can jump over the full version where we’ll talk more in depth. Tell us this
– what are the main things that the audience should know about school administration careers
like being a superintendent? Mike Lubelfeld: Alright – thank you for asking.
Being a school administrator can possibly be the most rewarding career that there is
because you not only get to help students and get to help kids and get to help children
learn and grow, you get to actually help the teachers learn and grow! And it’s not all
about getting people in trouble and it’s not all about making people scared about coming
to the principal’s office. I’ll tell you – it’s really nice to be sort of at the top of your
profession and sort of be looked at as a guide or role model or as a mentor, as a leader
– and I suppose that if one was considering a career in school administration they’d want
to puruse a career in education or teaching first. There are some alternative routes to
certification that can be pursued for people in the business world who have leadership
or management and they want to transfer over to the public schools. But the most traditional
and more traditional route – the route that I followed – is I pursued a teaching degree
– I was a teacher for a number of years. I sought out leadership opportunities there,
found that I liked it, found that people were willing to work with me. Then I became an
assistant principal and learned a great deal, became a principal, then became an assistant
superintendent and then superintendent. So one is understanding the path that’s there
and understanding the different roles. And having a real passion for leadership and ultimately
helping students learn and grow and being able to help adults learn and grow as well.
So being open to that, being knowledgable about education, leaership, management, marketing
– there’s a whole lot of skills involved in administration. Marc Luber: That’s cool stuff! I’m looking
forward to hearing more! You guys, to see Mike and I continue the discussion, you can
see more and learn more about school superintendent careers at Careers Out There dot com where
we’ll do the full interview and go more in depth so please join us over there. Mike,
thank you for joining us today. Mike Lubelfeld: Thank you so much for having
me here. Marc Luber: Alright you guys – I’m Marc Luber.
Thanks again for watching – look forward to seeing you at Careers Out There dot com. Take
care! [theme music]

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