Educated English Speaking Beggar || B.Com(H) || CA

Is how do you drink your food everyday | Arrange gets || You take less how the day? There is no fix income | approximately 200-250 rupees 200-250 And be educated how you? Advantages no Janke? Benefit there? Do not tell tell you? I B.Com (Hons) | Yes! I B.Com (Hons) | one second ! BCom (Hons)? O God! But are these reasons? Just because i like (speaks beggar is “because I like it” I enjoy my Life Like this- (speaks beggar is “because I have a sensation of pleasure in life |” You enjoy your Life Like this? – (gives you the sensation of pleasure in live?) | A minute Just wait! Please just wait? We want to Sanjidgise talk to you? We really want you to be a good thing? Please wait? If you are doing this? Oh Maapana i am carrying sail Man | And i am doing? Well I do not have any of your identity card So, Why do not you go and get it? (Why you build are not? Beggar-Where? (Beggar-called? Is made Surrey Center to build identity card | Have tried | their efforts to work? try! The work I did 14-15 years | Who has worked in several of the company? Chartered Accountant “was I | CA has? Why are you even still it clean? Time Pass | I sat empty | If you are ours want India Clear? You see – “India who do not want to clean up!” But to no one wants!

100 thoughts on “Educated English Speaking Beggar || B.Com(H) || CA”

  1. Koi achha kam kare toh app majak
    bana leteho. Khud ek kachra uthake dekho aur khud apka video banao . Camera uthaye chale aye …

  2. Though he has some psychological problems,, but his act is like angels..
    Just cool… keep it up buddy…every work has the same value….
    Though it's not true'' everyone said.. no one do,, believe 😔

  3. sahi kheta hai ye kuch nahi hoga ,10 saaf karnege 1000 ganda karenge ,1000 saaf karenge to 10lakh log ganda karenge aur paan thukenge ye india hai yaha bas population paida hota hai aur bhadti hai to do cheez garibi or pollution

  4. This man show the real meaning of freedom….i thought there should be this kind of education system in our country, so that people develop this type of thinking from their childhood..

  5. Who told you that he is a ca ?? Don't spread roumer as a ca can be a social activist but can't be a bagger. If you have concrete proof that he has ca degree prove it otherwise remove the world ca from your Caption. You might be legally actioned for fake hunt .

  6. He is doing good, but the wrong way. He must have used his education and open an" sanstha"kind and make his team. Then his efforts are more likely to be in favour of India

  7. He is educated and you are uneducated you don't know difference between beggar and trash pricker.
    If you will not change title under 2 days I will report it as title misleading

  8. The guy who has uploaded this video with the title beggar .doesn't know the meaning of beggar .correct the title

  9. Just a salute to him for what he is doing! Its 4 years now and i wish that he had got a good job and settled in his life, living peacefully 🙂

  10. Report this video, he has given fake title.He is not a CA.Everyone who reports like here..
    Usne kaha bola wo CA he, kuch bhi

  11. Hahahaha the country whos pm is a jaahil chai wala . The educated are taking garbage. When these mandir chaap indians will elect an educated pm ?

  12. A man on fb in my comment told that Pak is a beggar country and you are from a terrorist family. I won't explain further ..commenting was off he used abusive language with a nepalian girl and two other persons (who asked him not to abuse or fight on this page)as well. Any how that doesn't matter good and bad is everywhere .
    But I just want to say instead of spreading hatred , abusing others if you'll help and raise voices for your citizens ,for talented and skillful people around you. You will able to contribute good for your country and the world also. You'll change one's life and who knows that one will become a successful person and the reason was you.
    Instead of acting like retards and brain less people abusing and disrespecting everyone on social media . Help your country for good . This man deserves a lot of respect. Hats off to his work.

  13. Chutiya bna rhe h …. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT is not a company….in jeso ko ICAI m job milti h… vo bhi gate pr… Jo gate pr hr bacche se khta h…. Bhai id dikhao…..😂😂

  14. Do you want to see the real racism.? Greater than America , Europe or any other places. Come to West Bengal. The hell among India.

  15. beggar? seriously..views ke liye kuch v? that man is trying hard to do a living and something for the country..nd u titled him as a beggar? u should b ashamed of urself kid.

  16. Log apnai aap Ko ghar par bethkai deshbhakti kehtai hai hindu Muslim karkai deshbhakt kehtai hai but they are fake wo bas spotlight kai liyai kartai hai or yai Insaan asli deshbhakt hai

  17. Please make him famous like ranu mondal got famous through YouTube. He is doing great for the country. He is such a inspiration for all of us

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