EDUC W144 – Practicum in Education – Charles Underwood – UCB

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Charles Underwood
at UC Berkeley. Field research is a key way
to improve our understanding about teaching and learning. This course, The
Practicum in Education, gives you a chance to learn
about field research methods as you work directly in
an educational setting. You will learn to connect
educational theory and practice, carry out
participant observation in a real-world setting
that you yourself choose, and you’ll address
the ethical concerns involved in field research. You’ll learn how
and what to observe and how to write field notes
and reflections that precisely describe and interpret
what you have observed. Then you’ll use
your observations in the field to formulate
a research question and develop a research proposal
about the educational setting where you’re working. We have a variety of field sites
where you can do your practicum work, including school
and preschool classrooms, after-school programs, museum
internships, tech companies, and guided research
opportunities. Or if you’re already
working in a field setting, you can continue working in
that setting for this course. The Practicum in
Education is a course that links thought and action,
participation and observation, learning and understanding. It is about learning to read the
world around us, with the goal of enabling others to learn. If you want to pursue an
active, real-world experience while learning how
field researchers build their research, if
you want to learn how to use your own
experience in the field to formulate and
investigate a research question of critical importance
to the lives of others, this may be the course for you.

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