EDU-speakin’ to me?! STEM STEAM

Whoa hi there nice to see you
I’m Mike Nerland and I’m getting ready to make a presentation about a really
popular focus in education maybe you’ve heard of it it’s called STEM. What? Well
plants are included. But STEM isn’t just about plants it
focuses on four larger disciplines: science, technology, engineering and
mathematics STEM brings these subjects to life by
giving students opportunities to work together to solve real-world problems.
why is STEM so popular nowadays? Well one reason is that if you look at job market
projections, occupations involving STEM are growing the fastest and many pay
better than non-STEM jobs. To borrow a popular phrase of encouragement I’d like
to tell today’s students go ah STEM young person. Oh one more thing here’s a
bonus bit of EDU-speak. STEM plus art equals STEAM That’s what educators call STEM when
design and communications are wrapped into technical projects. For today’s
students it’s full STEAM ahead! I just couldn’t resist.

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