EDU-speakin’ to me?! Magnet Schools

Oh hi there! I didn’t see you come in. I
was just thinking about all the places we can find magnets. Compasses, MRI
machines, the door to your refrigerator. Hmm and of course there are magnet
schools. You’ve probably heard this term maybe you even have some in your
district but what are magnet schools really? Magnet schools are schools
organized around a particular theme. Some focus on science others on arts and
still others on international language. Students who are interested in these
subjects apply or enter a lottery to get into the one that interests them
the most because magnet schools draw students who share an area of interest
there are a number of pretty awesome outcomes. One is that because students
are studying what they want to study they are generally more likely to show
up and get really involved another is that magnet schools can serve as
demographic mix masters they draw students from diverse social economic
ethnic and racial backgrounds these students who might not otherwise meet
get the opportunity to become classmates and friends. Well let’s be clear students who show up
to a Pokemon magnet school if there was such a thing and there isn’t
they wouldn’t spend their time just studying Pokemon Polliwogs and poly
worlds no they would study traditional subjects like math, english, science and
history taught to state or district standards but these traditional subjects
would be taught within the theme of the school so the next time you hear about
magnet schools imagine a group of students drawn from across the district
and sometimes beyond to a place that focuses on the subject that excites them
to the most

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