Editor's Report #6

hi and welcome to Smerconish calm my name is Neha Mukherjee and this is the editors report it has been a great week at Smerconish calm we've had thought-provoking video commentaries and engaging essays and I'm so excited to share three great pieces with you today the first is by Darla Kashian who has an advisory practice at RBC Wealth Management her essay is titled Millennials and money it's not their fault and she speaks to the changing economic situation that people encounter upon graduating from college another essay on the site this week is by Dennis L Martire who is the vice president and mid-atlantic regional manager of the laborers International Union of North America his essay is titled will Trump's wall actually work and he argues that it's not a physical barrier that we need to fix our immigration crisis but rather a type of internal reform and he specifically argues for the e-verify system you can read more about his proposal at Smerconish com and lastly I wanted to draw your attention to a video commentary on the site this week that was sent in by Buckley Brinkman who is the CEO of Wisconsin center for manufacturing and productivity his video commentary is called the speed of freedom and he reflects on Apollo 11 and the great American spirit that was rallied around that unifying event he then argues that we should bring that spirit with us in our daily lives if you'd like to submit a video commentary or an essay to Smerconish comm you can email it to me at editor at Smerconish comm I'd be happy to take a look at it and that's all for now remember to keep thinking critically I'll see you next week

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