Editor's Report #3

hi welcome to Spanish comm my name is Neha Mukherjee and this is the editors report thank you to all of our contributors who submitted essays to the site this week we have had a lot of engaging content and I'm so excited to share some of it with you today the first essay I will be discussing is called what our history textbook to leave out by Glenn Sachs who is a US history and government teacher in Los Angeles in his essay sacks talks about pieces of international history that are completely left out of US history textbooks fitting with today is his 69th anniversary of the start of the Korean War he specifically discusses aspects of the Korean War that are not discussed in US history classrooms another asset that I would like to highlight is by Tim Murray who is an assistant professor of economics at Virginia Military Institute in an essay Murray gives his view of the minimum wage which is sure to be a hot topic in the upcoming presidential debates and lastly another featured piece we've had on the site this week is called the rise of anti-intellectualism by Michael Miller who was a free freelance writer in his essay Miller discusses the growing contention between educated and uneducated citizens in the United States and houses affecting US presidential elections this piece in particular sparked great conversation on Facebook be sure to check it out and if you'd like to submit something to Smerconish comm please email it to editor at Smerconish comm we'd be happy to take a look at it and we're also accepting video commentaries and that's all for now remember to keep thinking critically I'll see you next week

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