Editors Report 2

hi welcome to Smerconish calm my name is nico mukherjee and this is the editors report this becomes mcComish calm we've had a lot of engaging diverse articles we've had essays that discuss the contention between the presidents and the press to articles that debate things like GMOs right now I'm gonna highlight three pieces that I want you to read on the site this week the first is called planning over personality by John Coffey he's the founder of truth party calm a site that fights fake news and focuses on elections in his essay on Smerconish calm John talks about how candidates running for president should submit a solid proposal before a debate so if the debates are focused on planning not personality another article I'm gonna highlight this week is called I saved my daughter's life everyday by Erica Zeller who was a high school counselor and mother in the essay Erica talks about her experience raising a daughter with type 1 diabetes and how her family has dealt with the health care costs and lastly I want you to read civility as a life support by denise Meredith who was a CEO and lifelong journalist in the article to me says that is not just stability that we need in words we need it in actions – thank you for listening if you'd like to submit something for the website please email it to editor at Smerconish comm I'd be happy to take a look at it and that's all for this week remember to keep thinking critically I'll see you next time

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