30 thoughts on “Eden Hazard Phenomenal Season || Crazy Skills 2019 ||”

  1. I've subscribed your channel about 5 to 6 years, rarely left comments and even too lazy to like, but I watched your every single video. You was disappeared for a while, then came back to make more high-quality videos, and became more productive. I mean, thank you for that. Really! I was gonna inbox this comments thru the chat, but then I found out there's no inbox function on Youtube (if has, please let me know, I can't find it) so I left this comment here, I hope you can see it and just give me back a like on this comment, thx

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  3. rom7ooo, I have a question for you. When you put in older movies from 2013-14, maybe even a little older, its title was ronaldo top 10 goals and there was a song I liked. I would like you to give me the title of this song if there is such a possibility. movies in this series, I would ask you to give everyone, if you can, thank you in advance.

  4. amazing video and player! I'm sure that he will do great at Real Madrid and he'll help them get out of the crap in which they are right now ahahah.
    P.s.: at 3:49 it's absolutely no fault…

  5. lmao 3:55 the russian bench looking like they are vip Hazard fans the way the looks on their faces are xD
    but then again apreciate greatness when you see it

  6. Hazard is a best player in Premier league .Although I'm a Barca fan but I m so glad that he joining Real Madrid now . Griezmann going in Barcelona, Hazard will be joining Real Madrid , The El Clásico Will be Fun to watch .

  7. If Neymar were more objetive, fast and humble them could be have the same talent. But, them don't. So, Hazard is the best!

  8. So I overrated. Loves to dribble from one left to right with no end product. Quality player but never an elite player

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