EdCamp at the US Department of Education

Why did I come to EdCamp? I came to EdCamp, because I believe that people are touched,
moved and inspired when they feel compelled. ALEX SHEVRIN, TEACHER IN BURLINGTON, VT: EdCamp’s
cool, because it really democratizes the conversation, and I have the opportunity for my voice to
be heard as equally as anyone else’s. TIM LAUER: PRINCIPAL, LEWIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:
What I find refreshing about the EdCamps is that the topics and the discussions and the
work come from the practitioners. ALEX SHEVRIN: I think it’s great to come
to the Department of Ed for an EdCamp, because it really demonstrates that the Department
it listening to the people who are pulling up a seat to the table.
OBI OKOBI: I’m not alone in thinking about the need for something different in terms
of how we educate students. TIM LAUER: I just appreciate the opportunity
to come and to work and to meet folks, so thank you.

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