Ed O'Neill Has the Worst Celebrity Recognition Skills Ever

35 thoughts on “Ed O'Neill Has the Worst Celebrity Recognition Skills Ever”

  1. I guess Ed O’Neil see so many people out and about that even other celebrities blend in with ordinary fans and they are treated the same… LOL!

  2. Gawsh I love both of these humans!! He always feels like I'm watching my dad or uncle, I feel a familial bond with him,

  3. I can relate to this, I never walk up to famous people that I see because maybe they're not who I think they are lol

  4. maybe Ellen doesn't know .. but having dificuilties deviding people you know or dont know.. and recognition of faces is typicly a mens thing. (i suffer the same .. meet many people and they know me but i really cant remember were i have seen them before.. and dont know their names)

  5. That happened to me when I met Chaz Bono. It took me a while to recognize him. We were all having a conversation and I didn't even know.

  6. He's not a sheep where everyone is so involved with social media and other people's lives. He just enjoys his life and quality time with his friends and family…the real people he should know about and recognize.

  7. imagine being in your 60s and having to go on the Ellen Degeneres show and tell lame stories that are so contrived.

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