ED Games Expo 2019

What a wonderful day this is, the opportunity
to be a very small part of something so significant. This is ED Tech Expo 2019 – the chance to
see both creators and students come together to not only look at, participate with, but
evaluate the new technology being made available to students in education all across the country. And indeed, all over the world. So, I love this event for many reasons, one
it’s high tech which is the future and is just laying out a pathway that we’re all
going to have to follow one way or the other. Many times we worry about engagement – student
engagement – and all we have to do is look around and we can see how engaged the students
are with this technology and how much learning is going on. Some extraordinary examples of students, teachers,
and creators of this wonderful new technology all coming together to better understand what
works, what doesn’t, and how to prepare our students for the new world of technology
in education.

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