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  1. term we are using for edge effect, its ecoton(ekoton)…the border betwen two ecosystems, like betwen grassland and forest….others use the same….

  2. 6:51 Pretty sure you didn't mean to say that. Carnivores eat animals, which are living beings, but plants are also living things.

  3. You are truly a gift from God Mr. Anderson!🙇🙇💜 Your videos have helped me so much throughout the years. I couldn't have done it without you!

  4. Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have ever stumbled upon you and your incredible videos. I have always struggled with sciences, and usually got around 50 percents. Last year, I passed with an 83% in Biology because of you. You are a phenomenal teacher.

  5. Mr. Anderson!! I'm so happy to see that you're still making videos for everyone! I can't even begin to tell you how important your videos were to me back in high school. I started to watch your videos again even while in university. They're always helpful!

  6. First and foremost, you have awesome videos and I'm going to start using them in my high school classroom (I'm a brand new teacher!). Thank you for posting! I think there's a distinction should be made for edge effects (beyond the scope of the audience you're aiming for). I like to think of edge effects as the first example you provided (a natural edge or an old manmade edge that has had time to acclimate to the "new" conditions). However, the protected park example you gave is really an example of edge INFLUENCE, because the edge of the habitat is under the creeping influence of the edge: usually hotter, drier, increasingly fragmented, and often avoided by animals locally endemic to that original habitat. If you're interested, look up "Edge Influence on Forest Structure and Composition in Fragmented Landscapes" by Harper et al. 2005.

  7. Youtube God. You have helped me soooooo much over the past years with my GCSE revision(Excuse me, im from England) and i dont know where id be without your awesome videos. Keep upthe excellent work 🙂

  8. I love how in a ecosystem each living and non living thing plays a part in keeping their ecosystem in check almost like the three branches in America. Government

  9. As amazing as this video was, for some reason the main thing I took out of it was that he lives in Montana. Fascinating.

  10. These videos are awesome and a great help!! Please continue what you’re doing! You are a great help to many students!!

  11. saw you at my previous school in Beijing and saw you again just about a month ago in my new school in Singapore. Great video and you are a great teacher/youtuber

  12. Big thanks, currently attempting to pass my apes exam in 9th grade and i have struggled throughout the the year with the course but your videos have been a big help

  13. 3rd International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystem and Conservation Biology March 18-19, 2019 Chicago, USA We welcome you to be a part and make it a great success!!


  14. 0:30 , 1:00 , 1:31 , 2:21 , 3:53 , 4:10 , 4:43 , 5:41 , 6:01 , 8:28 , 9:00 , 9:30 , 10:26 these are the parts in order from 1st to second for the second part of the assignment in bio for k12 homework sheet. this is for anyone who needs a quick skip to the parts for the assignments. -dragon

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