ECIU University: The future of education

ECR use the leading international consortium of research intensive universities with collective emphasis on innovation creativity and societal impact ICI iu has 13 member universities all over Europe and one in Mexico the universities have a joint vision on the future of universities and run education mobility and research projects with the involvement of all partners since 1997 the partners of ECI you are ready to increase existing collaboration and set up an ambitious joint European University ECI you University the plan for ECI you university is co-created with industry public organizations society academics future and current students at stakeholder events all over Europe all the inputs brought together in our application for the European universities call of the European Commission all ECI you member universities are committed to the vision described in this application and also industry partners and the regional authorities of the member universities support the ECI you University here all challenges are listed according to the UN sustainable development goals challenges can be joined and submitted by anyone Sandeep created one of the challenges related to goal number 11 which focuses on making cities and communities more sustainable now people from industry society and university can found a team and work with him remotely on the challenge during the project they noticed that they lack a certain skill to continue the project therefore they take micro credentials suited to their learning needs which are offered by the European innovative universities they can range from online courses to study packages to summer schools to research projects to courses from industry after the successful completion all learning will be documented in a European learning sport here his or her micro-credentials as well as all skills obtained through the project are listed every challenge ends with a specific outcome which can be spin-offs new research questions new challenges and most importantly a better and more sustainable world the world's constantly changing therefore education means to adapt the Innovation Lab makes sure that ECR U University is providing the best platform to work together on the challenges of the world innovative frontrunners like the ECI u member universities are not afraid of taking risks and truly innovate Europe's educational landscape the future of Education starts now ECI U University challenging conventional thinking

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