EBS Copenhagen – European Bartender School

Copenhagen is a really cool city to live because
it is very welcoming for all kinds of people. The bartending scene has been evolving massively the last few years; a lot of cool bars, concept bars are opening, because the sky’s thelimit when it comes to your own ideas wherever you’re from. The atmosphere in the EBS school is amazing!
It’s so supportive and it’s so creative, and you get to learn a lot of stuff. It’s pretty
intense but it’s also a lot of fun, so yeah it’s definitely worth it. Here at EBS Copenhagen, our students learn
a bit of everything that the bartending industry has to offer. The bar practice involves around
80 recipes and they learn how to do these cocktails super fast and super confident so
they’re going to be awesome bartenders after this course. They are not only taught by our
instructors, actually, we invite a lot of high-profiles from the industry to do masterclasses
for our students and by doing so, they are inspired to be as creative and passionate
as possible. We are not only teaching our students to be
the best bartenders inside school, we’re teaching them also outside of school by taking them
to different events, taking them to some beautiful cocktail bars in Copenhagen, taking them on
boat rides, gin distilleries…, and by doing so we inspire them to be as passionate as
possible. The EBS experience was a-ma-zing and I would
recommend it to everybody who wants to gain a bit of confidence behind the bar and gain
a lot of knowledge and experience on how to serve guests in a proper way, make a lot of
friends, have fun and just enjoy your life.

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