24 thoughts on “Easy Test And Brain Teasers That'll Leave You Stumped 😳”

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd14Pd4uM_w Guys please support me on my music video and first vocalized song.

  2. 1:01 A, he left a green feather in the bowl

    5:41 The Gray haired person. They are using a pink phone case for their phone

    5:54 I’ve got a riddle for you: I answered every answer correctly in that β€œWhat do we have in common” session yet I got the wrong answer for every one. What were my answers?

    Answer: We are both living creatures

    8:07 I saw a globe, am I special?

  3. For the birds it is a or c because of the green feather in the dish
    For who is a girl I think the one to the right because of a skinny not bulky figure but also the pink phone

  4. Bird C made the mess bc the bowl is right below him and he has some green feathers, bird A is meant to throw u off

  5. 1:06 Well, it was a bird with a green feather. But the parrot and bird on the left have green feathers. So it is A or C.

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