Easy Anime Japanese for Kids Lesson 1 | ActOutGames

21 thoughts on “Easy Anime Japanese for Kids Lesson 1 | ActOutGames”

  1. I was born in japan, I’m not Japanese but I grew up with Japanese people and Japanese everywhere around me….she’s not even putting effort in to saying it In the real way. If she was talking To them like that, we would be like….”the heck is she saying”

    Why is a kid teaching us aged people

  2. I am studying japanese for almost 3 months now. I learned more in the last 6 minutes than in the last week. You are an amazing teacher! Thank you 😊

  3. From all the tutorials I found this is the only one made me understand anime..
    Thank you.
    The little teacher is grown up and hope you'll keep up the great work.
    Coz this youngest teacher is the one who made me understand Japanese / Anime.. 🙂

  4. Awesome! I may be an older kid but looking forward to watching your series and learning tons. I love your style of teaching already. 🙂

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