10 thoughts on “eastern social welfare society maternity home in seoul”

  1. I'm looking for my brother who was adopted in Fev.1976.
    He was 50 days old at that time.
    Mr. PARK

  2. it makes me want to cry seeing all the babies here, i cant begin to think what it must feel for the parents who had to let them go, it is my dream to adopt a baby in future!!

  3. Much better condition than Vietnamese communist Orphanage Center. In Vietnam No Love Just money..and after American families visiting then Beat up and kids abuse….Wish you can hear what the Nannies said to the kids…

  4. Hello,
    This is the place that I was in 21 years ago… I'm still looking for a way to contact my birth parents, however, I havent been so lucky… It's a very toching video for me…

    Lim Yeong Hwan

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