Early Childhood Education (ECE) – Durham College

I think a lot of people believe that Early
Childhood Education means we are just babysitters, and we are not. A year ago I was seeking a different career
choice, something that would be more conducive to my children’s needs so I decided to go
into the program of Early Childhood Education. I ran my own childcare business and I was
looking for a change. Having worked for the Children’s Aid Society
for a few years I needed to change, instead of doing all the protection piece with children
I wanted to foster and really get into the development of children and to see the healthier
children. And now it’s an opportunity for me to spread
my professional wings and do something that I love and try to be an advocate for children. The program itself will take you into any
kind of daycare setting, a great deal of advocacy roles, especially through the Durham Region
and abroad, in the GTA in general, there is always need for advocates. Hopefully I can be an advocate for the business
and the people, through professionalism, will see how valuable it is. Because research shows that the early years
are the most important in children’s lives. Today we’re making puppets so that we can
learn how to interact with the children. It’s that learning process that you can actually
see work. People like bright, colorful things and it
turns out that girls in particular like bright, coloured boys. In nature the boys wear all the bright colours,
so my friend Tack Tack is a brightly-coloured bird, he is a boy, and he’s trying to attract
the ladies and he does that by chatting. The creativity of using the puppet, whether
it’s to tell a story, to help a child when they’re not comfortable talking to an adult
or another child, you know, you never know what kind of morning they’ve had. So if they’re happier talking to a puppet
then that’s what we’re making the puppets for. I chose Durham College because it was within
close proximity to my family, my home and I could find a greater family balance between
education and school. I was able to actually immerse myself in education
by being on campus and being a part of the life and part of the community that I believe
strongly in and I was also able to find that balance at home. Choosing Durham College and being a part of
the community has really allowed me to be inspired by the creativity, by the ideas of
my peers and classmates. You can tell that they’ve worked through
children, that they have the history there, because it shines through what they’re teaching
us. They’re enthusiastic teaching us so that’s
contagious. The program is all about making connections
and helping children explore their world and learn from that exploration. You have learning and right into the practical
experience. That sense of community puts me in touch with
the current and the now and the creative ideas and the inspiration that I think I was looking

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  1. this what I'm hoping to get into in september! fingers crossed that I get acceptted because it's something I'd love to do for a career 😊

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