Early Childhood Education Diploma Program

(light upbeat music) – My name is Kaitlin Beard, and I’m a graduate of the Humber Early Childhood
Education diploma program. (light upbeat music) I babysat, ran camps, and all kinds of things throughout my youth. So I only saw it fitting
to continue my education. – I have so much passion for children, so when I read more about this program, it really attracted me, and
that’s why I joined Humber. – Being able to work in the
Humber Child Development Centre is quite an amazing experience. You just never know what everyday brings, so it’s so spontaneous. The children, we give them lots, but in turn, they give us so much. – Our rooms offer a lot
of natural material, open ended material,
open ended art supplies. Then environment that we
are providing are so rich, that families they love bringing
their children over here. – Having the arboretum here. It’s an amazing place that
you can go and explore as student, staff, and
good children and families. Our learning is based richly in play. So when you’re engaging in experiences, it’s not just coming from us, but we observe the children, and see what exactly their
needs are, and respond to that. I felt that it really
gave me an opportunity to experience what it could be like in the field at any given time. – There are so many job
opportunities in the community. All the school boards, they have started hiring ECEs as their
kindergarten teachers. They can also work in daycare programs, as preschool teachers, toddler
teachers, infant teachers. – I would encourage many
prospective students that are looking into the field to consider Humber’s
program, because the field of early childhood
education is so diverse. It just really offers a
really broad spectrum. From day one, I walked
into that first class, and I knew I was in the right place. (light upbeat music)

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