1. Zone 1 care taker list (Male only)
    Up to now as per my collection from various sites and groups.
    82, 71, 71, 68, 65, 64.
    Inkaa post cheyyani vallu chalaa untaaru.
    So above 70 untee (6 posts ki) expectations pattuko vachu. Or below 70 better look for another. Only suggestion. My intention is not discouraging but telling fact.

  2. TGT telugu zone 3 o.c Gant Tet marks kalipi 75.89 vachhayi sir . job vasthunda sir please tell me sir

  3. Hai sir English proficiency 46.subject lo 51.care taker zone3 bc_ b category.chance yemaina undhaa sir?

  4. Sir, i got 41 marks in proficiency and 40 marks in tgt social.female sc, non local candidate.any chances for job sir.waiting for ur rply

  5. Good evening sir, I got 37/50 in English and 60/100 in subject caretaker.I am BC _ d women in Zone 1.any chance are there sir, please reply me sir

  6. Ok. Thanks sir. Could you please post in a video or tell me the cut off score and the top scores for TGT English (APSWREIS) subject sir?

  7. Thanks for your reply sir. But which zone candidate got 64 marks in TGT English sir?
    If you hear any better score for TGT English more than 64, pleasure tell me sir.

  8. Sir nenu sc women 3rd zone i got 59in care taker exam any chance sir please give reply sir what is the cut off for caretaker on 1/4/2019 morning session

  9. Sir physical science cut off pettagalara, apply chesina vallalo enthamandi english test pass avuthunaru?, pls reply

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