Drunken Master – The Greatest Fighter You’ve Never Heard Of

45 thoughts on “Drunken Master – The Greatest Fighter You’ve Never Heard Of”

  1. this seemed cool untill he said : faking injury and taking advantage of the other guys sympathy

  2. The essence of drunken fist is pretty much Capoeira combined with boxing. I couldn't help but frame his movements as his own distinct ginga.

  3. Using Videos which is not your personal Video and earn Money with them is also versus the law from the owner from this Video…

  4. An excellent video brother, well edited and beautifully motivational….. Thanks for your work mate 😉 Inspiring . Cheers

  5. 38-34-6 record. Most of it against fighters no one's ever heard of. C'mon, hardly the "greatest fighter you never heard of".

  6. "The 'mountain-sea' spirit means that it is bad to repeat the same thing several times when fighting the enemy.-Miyamoto Musashi

  7. Quart of Gin and a Mac 10
    ..Chocolate Chicago Summer Nights . Throw in some Meth..Crack..Territory…Hard Bitches..Tatts..Shit like that. .;) Thanks. !

  8. I think the drunken master style is not so much to throw the opponent off, but to instead tap into the subconscious and bypass the conscious over analytical thinking mind

  9. The Punch Drunken Master, there I fixed it for you. Also, if you record doesn't show your skill set, you are doing something wrong.

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