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Drugs have no economic boundaries. They have no religious boundaries, they have
no geographical boundaries. And it really affects all youth across the board. I’m John Redman, I’m the Executive Director of
Californians for Drug Free-Youth and my organisation and the HIDTA –
High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas – work with organizations and institutions and
schools down in Mexico. And we found that there was a horrendous
problem with youth where kids were ending their education early, dropping out. And they weren’t going into gangs anymore, they weren’t even going into drug trafficking
organizations. They were going straight to drug cartels and
starting to work for them – kind of ending their youth, ending their
education, ending their childhood. been working with Drug-Free World for, I would
say, about 7 years. So when I talked to one of
the people there I said, “We have this opportunity to educate 100,000 youth
in terms of substance abuse problems. Do you think we can do that?” And the response
was, “We have to.” So to Drug-Free World it wasn’t whether
we can or not, we must. I’ve worked on a number of educational
programs on substance abuse over the years. I haven’t seen anything that is as
comprehensive, but maybe more importantly that is geared
towards youth. The curriculum for Truth About Drugs, it presents it in a very visual way that captures
the youth’s attention. It started out in one school district and then
started to grow and grow and grow. And then we had, very quickly,
within 6 months practically, every school district in Baja California that
wanted to be involved. It’s not only taught to the kids but the teachers
that have been taught how to teach the kids. And they have a connection to the parents
within the community and other members of the community. We really have that mission of drug-free youth,
safe and drug-free communities That’s our mission. That’s our goal. And it falls right in line with the Foundation for a
Drug-Free World. To Scientology, it’s drug-free world,
not drug-almost-free world. And it’s that vision,
that high level of attainment that is so important to me and
so important to the world.

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  1. "To Scientology, it’s drug-free world, not drug-almost-free world." Today, we are proud to premiere the first of five new  #VoiceForHumanity videos as part of our week-long commemoration of #WorldHumanitarianDay . Watch the video and share in the vision of a drug free world! 

  2. Desde chica pensé que yo quería ser parte de la solución y no del problema.
    Los miembros de la Asociación Internacional de Scientologist patrocinamos campañas que cuidan a la humanidad.
    Estos vídeos, muestran ejemplos de lo que hacemos los Scientologist en el mundo.

  3. Learn about our successful international drug education and prevention programs in this new #VoiceForHumanity video. http://bit.ly/1tNXrOI

  4. Muito bom,este vídeo mostra o belo trabalho e atuação da cientologia no combate às drogas no mundo! Desde a prevenção, e nas ações coletivas dos seus ministros voluntários resgatando jovens, crianças ainda,de uma forma clara,objetiva, sem limitações ou pré conceitos estabelecidos! Temos que conhecer o bem, para promover e divulgar !

  5. Just let the fucking kids do what they wanna do. Also just because some idiot kids are not using drugs responsibly, doesent make drugs a bad thing.

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