Drug Education – Adam Kelly, Keeping Kids Off Drugs

I got into drugs at a young age, when I was 9. Doing so led my life down different avenues
and introduced into gangs and rolling with a bunch of people that wore
certain colors and did certain activities that got me in life or death situations. I probably hit rock bottom at 18. I just came out of jail again. I just didn’t wanna live my life
like that anymore. I wanted to live and I knew that
it would have to change. My name is Adam Kelly and I’m a reality
TV Star on a TV show in London. The people that introduced me to drugs, they didn’t tell me what the pros or cons
were about it at all. And that’s why I feel that the education is
needed in what these drugs can do to your life. I came to find out about the
Drug-Free World campaign by picking up a leaflet in
a convenience store. It was “The Truth About Drugs,”
I looked through it and I was like, “Oh yeah, this is something
I would love to be a part of.” The Truth About Drugs
Foundation Representative gave us this box full of information
that I would like to call gold. Because it was everything
that I wanted to do, you know. It’s everything that I believe in. The thing that struck me the most is that
they were telling the facts about drugs and the street names about it. And the correct information
that I personally know. I’m alive today,
so I want to spread the message. The responses and the result
from the educational materials, especially in the classroom setting,
have been really good. The biggest thing which is really effective with
the materials is the documentary DVD. Because some of it is just so shocking
and they can relate to the stories. And then there’s getting the kids active
in doing the lessons themselves with the Educator’s kit. That hits them. And the teachers’ response to it is,
“These are things that I didn’t know.” It gives them the information that
they need to put across to the kids. So – it’s just huge. And it’s spectacularly saving lives! It’s an everlasting deal that’s going to
continue providing a way out to help and save our youth – our generation – all over the world.

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  1. Thank you so much for helping to save our children and mankind from the devastating effects of drugs!  This really works for kids and adults alike!

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