Drug Addiction, Child Abuse & Delinquency | Causes & Prevention | Social Welfare Supervisor Exam !

hi guys how are you I hope you all are well so guys my Oh Satish or welcome again in here on YouTube channel so odd is today lecture my discuss Karenga hum drug addiction child abuse or delinquency KO so before starting online test series join I was out on every supervised the exam Kelly so to join happy the group joining here supervisor gradually said Carlo psyche approbation of or strong was ok though 500 pagan are basically or any Chilean number the grass I want double zero six double zero two seven two four SP up in a mooch a message yeah contact a positive he casts a try Nona okay so next a garam bath current the next day both important chisa I've sub say requested key up his Facebook page score like guru or sub second part ng is key Amira Instagram account object NAB log is cheese course video good they creo pleased with the follow the route can Instagram pay my up logo my Jonathan he upload a mere Assad permanently connect to a job it's social networking media go through so much till I tell them here opening lecture guitar also subsample aired the home it schedule detailed notes and above membership group might a longer so didn't button a membership group joining Cajun candidates never concept a membership group 500 up Baker kept membership group trendsetter just map Quahog facility provide he Jie so it's combat concept to have up cochlear karun guys today lecture man so they tail up passage of concept clear / / / – sorry cheese and clear oh dang it okay so I'll be putting as well I'm the addiction guy out there – most of the candidates go both IV overhead director addiction co-author so as you know oke drug Johanna asked it I am periscope matalava he was earlier – term drug a really original mod look meaning to have a medicine but a skirt I am bed drug Johannes combats apotheca sir of medicine in here bulky other to bad federal narcotics Anna like cocaine home aapke hero ANOVA brown sugar and many specification he'd never drag and I will affect in care both bad effect he sorry kesariya HK you know all are included and interacts okay or in some keyboards are the evil effect hyn syín cam mind corporate body cells kyo / – in sonic addiction oda addicted Oda so ascii to join generation and our particularly teenager kegger bath grotto gotta give oppressed with thomas cheese kiss truck addiction gay okay so a petal on yoga for addiction Garuda so AB combat carton hang is K meaning key okay so meaning mahalik a drug addiction or drug addiction mekka lekka KIAC brain diseases burger actually is a brain disease so addicted to retired to addictive who actually dependent was a tantric scooper or mother without fully knowledge Kekaha macau effect hong every health without knowing who inti sungkoo's Carta in trucks coitus Karthik own choice car dr. Arata Giga to history school actually a toward the addiction is quite brain diseases manager the QTE in San Joaquin Sangha tube de Morgan I was cost structure or functional data it changes the structure and function of the brain so you can understand that how much it is in a strong or next from birth carrying a toe next kya which symptoms forget about the my couch is named Bethany attract addiction kobbari mitosis pehle jayegi uncontrolled desire have ya craving to consume the drug mother dragna maletto next Atta hacky addicted to ensure nota hopefully more compulsive behavior may return mother I said you can say cute Avila pondereth an Amtrak obtain connectedly a measure a serrata next a key to addicted Oh Donna who bought it find it find the impossible to control the big and am Ella both Scalia both Impossibles which is a cute truckers Canali next high key in case of drug abuse pupil starting intervene larger dose and he took monitors whether WB was G school duck abused or drug abuse k case may go they get pupil Donna which is not remember Lee nacho you do sasada Jo have status they lay there so drug addicted to in sana whoa mother a panna cotta apne day-to-day responsibility could discharge can Achilleas Chabad kathy in a skateboard sorry physical mental effect I think addicted person group or extremely I'm not the hockey do addicted overdue body be wrote that were extremely change I gotta next a key to addicted person Oh Donna was stop socializing with love society he beat me milder carry on a Josh Camille of Johanna Quezada bandage Ithaca moussaka next I get red edition also refer to drug dependencies in that had developed a panacea but the Quebec of our drug addiction to Hannah's could drug dependency because Ithaca Vijay addicted ho Donna and son who actual me is put dependent which are the particularly trucks Cooper okay so yeah uh is come meaning or up humpin Angus kick asses caki Karen to subset Palazzo rata we a geek graziotti desire for pleasuring and social excommunication mental gap lack of self-reliance you reason he just was sa youth to have a drug-addicted hoja Thea dansk about lack of self-confidence okay infinitive mother field karana he be a Karen had drug addiction next are the hockey P pressure okay excessive stress over lack of parental involvement in child active ''tis take the EAB crosses him for drug addiction among youth and Teen People so next gather to probe IDO a problem and a tradition G a but other serious a kinky are you mostly to bitch a calling a school Nevada Tina wise guru own quadric one coho ta so future Joe has citizen cow but for actually they are the future they are the future of country because they are the future citizen of a country to the country guess he has Auto V but love suppose citizen gassy holla Toby whenever a time per country Carla okay that's why it's very serious problem today so he couch cos I stay or next a gram vodka rental next has a solution so solution Sibella body a key to consciousness to an a consciousness of self but up akin sonic irrationality could get a Chanel Roscoe Roscoe education K through proper education K through a ricer poker match ie through a proper step okay next katha hacky a concerned a addicted drug addicted a science on dis named overcome called Yahoo what's up HTS Couture the Opera ago was since on who actually Bucky young jitney beta down goes from John ajayan could to takanakuy next a key need of forming a health mother a healthy environment form kinase related yeah Harper he do multiple new D youth an ax who meet cursor key apne equal importance because at the next Aikido trading and a harmful in trucks car is a cookie you know case of brown sugar burger in Cohen Cooper properly controlled hona chahiye or internationally project K garam Baskaran two inches on cocoa he beat carnage I as a harmful turd scheme manufacturing okay so he is kiss Lucian next to her next I child abusing so a key concept coding he child abuse can so yeah harm pace of several introduction my gotta get childhood and I was like a bitch to enjoy primary stage a life you or mother is stage may a concern cocoa elder me or talk week 10 Cheney ot MATLAB coos Kaylee and aku cha-cha hand I would Bora his period may actually doughnut Rizzo thick Norris ability and in so you know since booth here though to child Kaoru dil rottenest a dope you wrote out silica thank me topic became a move on but stand naked Lagasse to be nice jiske important Sanjay away but lucky bachelor god-gifted unco abused curtain or is hot a cartoon cat the future a novel parvata to absolved abuse basically hike a child abuse ki KEK crime which is commuted by individual work frustrated by their own lips the Japanese in the case of frustrated oh yes a crime had to akin to chill Dora Kia Giada whose individual the ricotta to actually frustrated Hockney's Indonesia okay so map kupatana suppose a kasane-san a casa Pecha Joe MATLAB it took criminal a coordinated criminal key to eat Athena who succumb to say total good but of assigned son with Pacheco top qui in Sanya could we be a need another person top Casey Pacheco Matt abuses gonna start cut that Moscow Moscow violent cannot start Carthage I will sexually which I have a physically which I have up mentally ho to us but chicken a moody mark me which is ratchety so Pharos Kelly couch Acharya needed to keep this in some cases of Bora Bora Bora Bora to voice and who you can understand and you can imagine Cuba Casa was copy with Casa Hogar toward another person right – it is bull idiotic matter John Couey Strasse frustrate Quezada Easter hacia un coup use Cayetana Easter on some key harlot Bora karate con Gaydamak make a PR a mic message is threatening or fear vocal patent mother a concern disco disco a couch Sabrina Sahir gala trainee to vogue agreeable crime alert to Vasari crime to kick in due to the rocky data to frustrated happenin lives with whom Co whose good child a biscuit so f using a child is a serious crime as killing a person because a child is sofa nature and pebble butter a concern Pacheco abuse karna it is Terrace a serious crime a Jessica in Santa Monica uncle G but charge on Avvo of boats off toad nature boss off daughter or job of kisi KO abuse karate which I have allarakha hood I would learn kyu ho in earlier stage too chaotic motherfu cheese and I was keyed amalgam primitives come mind me me shakily chop dirty okay so in key cities look at that child abuse so next joke at IKEA assisted MATLAB topic but Chico school Dena chahiye or the Babu states Moscow for score factories mechanically and KPMG domestic domestic help make cigar pay to motto if we practice child labor we are also other hum motto precipitous accompany HR laborious work out Kawara to hum be talc abuse Quran but the vinegar justification dae-ho Monaco Rose card area Kukoc Kamara happen periodically be nice cheese good justification D we are also practicing child labor okay child abuse so yet occurs child abuse concept I hope clear hope over to a bomb but captain hi juvenile deliquency key to a humor deliquency to Hawaii actually the Forgotten criminal act to perform QC to violently or econo to actually has a person this key a to hike ordinary criminal prosecution say komoti ticket or next thing about Giggy poverty unemployment incident of child abuse his sorry kiss her each essentially correlated juvenile deliquency Cassatt when every last time up Go button kick for th major pedagogical at car death but just because of frustration those who child abuse Kaja the totally crazy to nie actually it refer a crime do each child or I guess in michidorok each other job kubu Whitney is kawaii okay so next cat I could affect an STS kettle 82 billion eloquent see you later to school do categories my divided ki ku has a subjective approach ever it was objective approach the subjective approach may at Anthropologie medical psychologist I get analysts analytical approach our objective approach my avocado freaking dick logical social sociology and cultural approach so among the casual factor the social or economic factors Anna would be boys are the important as well so yeah next to her yeah key sections 27 joy of the Code of Criminal Procedure awesome actually catches provide key Kabbalah a geek will be a broad non not punishable with death yeah imprisonment for life well up job kiss Kelly Duke committed k agay evoke a cheap person Guara or whose key to mother dough under 802 16 ears it come under the age of 16 air okay so a article 17 my age is leaky hey so next I get to Parliament of India whoa geez pay mother is Chris Cooper be view Korea take proper care protection treatment development and rehabilitation of neglection John the liquid Zebulon Swiss cheese Cooper you know cure it to have a provide Keisha Turkey do be certain matters are related to deliquency is may Dookie you know enact key again sorry but lop Dobie trees into Athena yes sorry mother treatment you will add eloquent the villains K later to be treated manager protection care worker is sub cheesy and kiss me digging digging yeah enact Kiki has you will you will in just six Justice Act 1986 man so yeah I suppose I got cuckoo push the eggy Joe special key area protection a treatment to development you have well the Parliament of windows or kiss act may inches on co d Agatha who had given just a sec 1986 what is it may actually review kia-ora score Ricans constitute kya as you will injustice Karen production of children act 2000 take a b8 school reconstitute key again okay so guys Yetta aapke you will learn deliquency so he no Cuttino topics teen okay – no – or topics of or discuss gambling so perhaps a posse he come galas Mickey Amira Instagram username uh please Musa Dagh disease other follow chromatin key upload media follow quorum milker you know it circle when I die key into circle cursor key or wretched never but I do tessellation can agile team was number pay message hurry up go sorry information protocol today so guys thank you so much for watching with lecture technique this is at a signing off bye

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