Drivers Route Learning Guide – 113 – Netley to Southampton Central

9 thoughts on “Drivers Route Learning Guide – 113 – Netley to Southampton Central”

  1. really enjoy your vids 🙂 is there any chance you'll be able to mount another camera to show the interior of the cab the driver's control area?

  2. I've always thought the signals controlling entrance to Southampton Central, right outside the tunnel, don't seem to be in an ideal position for visibility, though I suppose you can see them for some distance from the front of a train.

  3. I must have been that way many times, but it's surprising to see from this how close together many of the stations on this line are.

  4. Someone who seems to be nostalgic for Network Southeast seems to have repainted those lamp posts recently at the footbridge at 2:07!

  5. Many thanks! Another excellent video but it seems sad to see Woollston signal closed and shuttered. I see that Woolston goods yard is now filled with small houses…I remember the electric crane that was kept busy all day when the yard was open. The old bike rack between the footbridge and ticket office was always full of bike belonging to staff working at Eastleigh loco and carriage works. A bike could be left there all day or night and was sure to be ready for the owner’s return. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Rob.

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