Dreams & Mysteries – The Mystery of the Word of Knowledge

does God really know everything you know God speaks in so many different types of ways but does this be clearly so many of the times you spoke in the Bible it was parables and mysteries especially Jesus when he spoke stories that had so much of an invitation to a culture that he was representing but then there was times that he spoke specifically with names and words of knowledge and information that people were so astounded and so shocked that he knew exactly what they were thinking exactly who they were that had changed everything it became a game changer first Corinthians 14 is so profound because it says follow the way of love like your life depends on it and eagerly desire prophecy now this type of prophecy of word of knowledge is one the least understood or practice today words of knowledge grant us an ability to understand times and seasons and what God is doing practically in someone's life right now it actually calls them to be present and something that God's doing for them in this moment not just setting their hope like a prophecy to the future but actually saying I know you I know where you've been I know where you're coming from and I know where you're at right now and a word of knowledge causes you to see something into someone's life that makes them say God is real God is really here words and knowledge have been so important throughout history especially biblical history and they're just as important today this is the mystery of the word of knowledge is is dreams and mysteries in first Corinthians Paul talks about the gifts of the Spirit and one of them is the gift for the word of knowledge which is one of those abandoned gifts for the church today except for in regards to healing many people will get a word of knowledge for healing words of knowledge are also used and the prophetic gifts to help people be grounded in their present reality with God it helps to show where they're at and what God thinks about the decisions are making or some of the things that are very real current in their life right now this is sometimes confused because the church hasn't been functioning the prophetic gifts as a primary for so long but God is calling us back especially the gift aware knowledge which creates an all moment I remember being in a church in Anaheim California and I got this this name it was a McLaren and I started to get information there being the street that the people lived on that happened to be in a meeting and I ended up getting a very specific title called it is finished and you're going to watch this right now okay here we go I feel like the Lord is saying I'm seeing Jesus on the cross they're saying it is finished but I'm not finished oh this obviously means something to you I've never saw this before so it's your word hid something he's told you has you said this to you something I've been teaching you're going to teach it I saw a book and your name is Edward and your name is not Lizabeth Linda and the Lord is saying that he has called you to be mothers and fathers of a prayer movement that's going to birth revival but I feel like he wants to set your vision past superb movement and to once what you've been praying for as a corporate group wherever it is happens because you're going to go around and you're going to help disciple what you're praying for now and that's why I see that term it is finished but I'm not finished because you're going to teach people what the finished of the work of God provided for them can you imagine how an little must have felt when God calls them out specifically by their street name their names different information about their lives and what they're working on right now and tells them the very desire of their heart that they're going to help bring mothering and fathering to young people who are going to be a part of revival activity on the earth this is probably one of the main central desires of their heart and they needed to know that God felt the same way even more about this God loves what we love what it's his will more than we love it he's thought of it first sometimes we think when we're praying God would you do this God would you help us with this when God is the one who's originally the desire in you in the first place words of knowledge help us to understand what God's desire is and how he actually has original thoughts that we're catching up to about our everyday lives there's a matter of fact some words of knowledge go back into our past and reinterpret it with God's view on something as simple as like a job opportunity or as complicated as a relationship issue that we had years before where God actually shows up and tells us where he was at and what he was doing in that situation for us some time ago with a very good friend of mine named pastor Bill Johnson from Brighton California and we were in Australia and I got it before he spoke and I was going to pray for some people with intention to prophesy to him and I had written down a list of names before the meeting I was praying for and some information about those names that was very specific and when I got up to ask if anybody with those names were those specific details were there none of them were there and I felt so weird I felt like god I'm trying this I'm trying really hard and it's not working but I had to get out of performance mode because it's about love anyways love never fails even if we don't have the right information and so I sat down Bill Johnson did a great session and I just had a question mark over that time then a year later right after my daughter was born I went up to a church called International Church of Las Vegas and I was laid to the meeting because I drove all the way from Los Angeles California I hit some traffic and I was praying into the meeting and I just didn't receive anything about what I was supposed to do other than the message but I wanted people to meet with Jesus and why was in the worship time right at the end of worship that's when we got there I hear God's say remember that list of words you had in Australia a year ago pull those back out and I pulled out that list and I thought there's no way that this could apply to tonight there's just no way but I looked at it I had it in my iPad under in my notes and I looked up Australia and there's that list I'm thinking Lord I filled with this list once I don't want to do it again but I thought I'll just obey you because part of hearing from God is is it requires radical obedience and faith to take risks and so I get up in front of everybody I said before I start my message tonight I just want to ask is there a Shannon and I said Shannon's wife's name is actually a man named Shannon his wife who just had a grandson within the last few weeks and this couple raised her hands it happened to me on one of the front rows they were pastors from one of this city is close by and they they stood up in they raised her hands that's us that's us and I said did you just have a grandson is his name Grayson and I said yes now picture this a year before which means it was before he was conceived he wasn't even being planned yet they didn't have the name for him yet they didn't even have the name until month before God had spoken to me about this young baby boy who would be born now picture that before he was created he was in God's heart before he was known he was in God's mind this is incredible so words of knowledge bring us to a place where God confirms how big and massive his love is for us he confirms the things that we're doing and how it connects us so deeply to the mystery of who God is as we get these prophetic revelation gifts moving in our life you I had a dream I was walking through the desert I had a sense that someone was watching over me as I walked through the desert the scenery slowly began to change it started out with nothing but sand but then I was walking through plants and cactus the very last scene in the dream I came upon an oasis and I woke up so let's interpret this dream I have been in a dry wilderness season however God has not left me even though it may feel like it he is guiding me more into life things may seem to change slowly but God is letting me see I will soon find myself in a time of refreshing where I will find rest and restoration you God has concealed messages and the dreams we dream and as we search them out we learn more about his ways decades of study and thousands of dream interpretations gave John Paul Jackson a unique perspective on understanding dreams with the beginner's dream kit you'll be taught to recognize the 20 most common dreams and what they are saying this kit includes the top 20 dreams book John Paul's 2-cd set teaching the basics of dreams and visions the moments with God dream journal and to dream cards to help you understand your dreams for your gift of $60 or more we will send you these important tools designed to start your journey towards a greater understanding of the dreams you dream order your beginner's dream kit today visit dreams in mysteries.com or call one eight hundred five three eight five two eight five sometimes in conferences they give words of knowledge just to model it for the body of Christ because I believe that this is an accessible gift for all of us so sometimes I'll share a word of knowledge or I'll share some prophetic words with people just so number one we can celebrate that person their journey number two we get people can see an example of the process that it takes to get words of knowledge words of knowledge are an amazing thing they're one of the fastest connections to God's heart for people especially people who don't know God also words a knowledge prepare the heart for prophetic words for what God's going to be doing the future so anytime you can give a prostate it becomes very generic it becomes almost like what you would read on the fortune cookie God has great things for you God has favored for your life got all the biblical truths we know when you prophesy almost any biblical truth for anybody but when you give a word of knowledge first about someone's name or about something that's precious to them it changes everything I remember telling an actor that I didn't expect that God could speak to him he's actually an atheist at the time and I said you know I just want to pray with you for a minute I see that there's a second shelf or the second drawer on your on your desk in your room and you are pulling out two newspaper articles and you're reading them and God says that they're both false reports about you they're not true and he wants you to know this that your whole life you've been looking at these articles as if they're they're complete truth and they're not and he started crying immediately I mean he was so shocked that I knew this and I I said what are these articles and said the number one article as a review from a review or at a movie that was very popular did very well but one reviewer hated it and he wrote a terrible review about me that I read every day that's become my truth I just never felt like I'd be a good actor although I have acting prestige I have all kinds of credits to my name I just don't feel like I'll ever be good this this word has become like the truth to my heart and the second article is about my father's death and it was reported that he was a very famous man in Hollywood that he was actually a suicide and my mother's always told us he never committed suicide he would have never done that but in my heart since I was eight years old I thought my dad's committed suicide because it's article it he goes and I've thought maybe I would be like my father and depression I thought maybe I'll commit suicide one day and I said you guys both of these articles are not true about you they're not true about your father they're not true about your acting and you've read them but God has a higher truth for you now one that's real and so I began to pray with him about God's truth and he was just a transformed human being because God knew that secret I'm his wife didn't even know this the most secret thing about him that was causing condemnation and causing pain in his life now this is the power of word of knowledge it helps us to place people's faith and the truth of the love of God there's a difference between words of knowledge and discernment discernment when we get a spiritual feeling or inclination about something and it's a conversation starter with God it's not the end result it's not the prophecy it's usually when we get a feeling about something negative or positive that's happening in the world and we start to feel spiritual understanding about it but it literally is just the beginning of where we're supposed to go with that revelation it's not a prophecy itself there's a Christian we have the Holy Spirit and so we're constantly discerning good and evil we're constantly disturbing the intentions of someone's heart we're constantly discerning about what's happening in someone's life but a prophecy is when God tells you about what you're discerning or he tells you about the actual person's life which is very different for years many prophetic people have been using discernment without prophecy or they haven't taken it to the extra step which is to find out what God's currently saying about their discernment this is very different than words of knowledge because words of knowledge is God actually speaking right now something about a person's life that's relevant to the encouragement edification and comfort of that person first Corinthians 13 when it describes these gifts it's always for the love it's always for the building up it's always for the the the person to feel like God is here he's with me and he made me knows me words of knowledge are a come-to-jesus moment you give a word of knowledge and all of a sudden somebody who says I known by the God who loves me I am connected to the God who loves me very different from discernment which may make you feel like the areas that were God's absent in your life or you may feel where God's not doing something in your life which means you get discernment so that you can pray about that discernment you get words of knowledge do you feel full of faith for life you feel full of faith for what God's going to do next you get full of face of God can speak on that word knowledge of prophecy this is such a lost art in the Christian world that we need to start to ask God for revelation and ask God for words of knowledge so that when we're in the supermarket when we're in the highways and the byways when we're at here's a coffee shop that it becomes second nature to look at somebody and think they have a son they have a daughter and to get spiritual information about them because God loves their love for their child so much and wants to affirm them as a parent wants to affirm that relationship these are the kinds of moments that create an eternity in someone's heart growing in the prophetic is a lifetime pursuit and we can receive much wisdom from those that have been on this journey in the growing in the prophetic series you will hear john paul jackson share practical wisdom regarding prophetic ministry and the difference between prophets and psychics you will also hear john e thomas share how your relationship to your earthly father affects how you hear from god in the growing in the prophetic series you will be equipped with father is love an audio CD from john e thomas and audio teachings by john paul jackson developing your prophetic gift wisdom and the prophetic journey and prophets and psychics you'll also receive to study cards tips for giving a prophetic word and tips for receiving a prophetic word for your gift of $75 or more we will send you all six of these life-changing resources visit us online at dreams in mysteries.com or call one eight hundred five three eight five two eight five the process of getting words of knowledge is different for everybody it's a very creative process if there's an artist in whether it's a musician or an artist if you ask them their process they're all going to be completely different but the thing that prophecy has in common is that we can develop it by our enmity with God and that just takes time and it takes focus we can also glean from each other's processes and so I wanted to share some of my process with you even though it may be completely different than the process you end up n I met a lot of people who are prophetically gifted that God just keeps pursuing consistently for the prophetic ministry but I'm one of those first Corinthians 14 where I'm eagerly desired prophecy because I know what it can do in people's lives so I've had to spend considerable amounts of time getting trained and equipped but also just learning my own process of how I hear from God I actually hear things both in my heart and also I get downloads or impressions in my mind is I've trained people throughout the world about how to get words of knowledge impressions are the number one way a good way to describe an impression would be is like an upload where all of a sudden you just know some information inside of you somewhere about somebody and when you try it out when you actually speak it out it becomes it's true because impressions the most common way we hear they're also one of the most common ways we think because it sounds like the voice of our own conscience we have to learn how to distinguish when it's an impression from God or when it's just our own thoughts this takes practice and anything that we practice in God were allowed to fail in because it's not about information with this kind of prophecy it's about the quality of how we're connecting to people through God's love as a matter of fact I went to Starbucks one time and I went up to a man and I said hate is the name Steven means something to you like is that a brother or cousin I said there's no Steven I don't have a brother or cousin I said okay thanks hoster walking away discouraged that I was trying to take this risk with God and ask him a word of knowledge and it didn't work out I said wait a minute why did you say that to me and I said well I'm a Christian I'm learning how to hear God's voice I said I've waited my whole life to talk to somebody who believes I can hear God's boy do you have time to sit down and have coffee with me I said absolutely and at the end of 45 minutes he became a believer this is incredible he works in the entertainment of street I became a believer through a wrong word of knowledge so with words of knowledge we have to be able to take the risk to take a risk means you're going to ask people questions you know something that you're going to get impression up do you have this happening in your life I'm having a spiritual feeling from God I'm having whatever the language is for you for me I use comfortable questions which means that I don't know if I'm right or wrong every time and I'm years into this and so I'm using comfortable questions as indicators and sometimes people get uncomfortable with comfortable questions because they want to be more absolute what God's told me God said but until you really get comfortable with your own process it's hard to know when it's gone because you're getting impressions and thoughts and it's requiring a lot of faith and the less you know about prophecy the more faith that's going to require and the more you start learning and growing the more comfortable you get with your own ability here from God God changes it up a little bit and actually causes a new process to come in because he always wants us to require faith he never does it without faith so for me sometimes I'll get a name a lot of times I get word association I remember one time being in a city and I saw this woman I'm like her name has to be Cindy because I was thinking of my sister Cindy over and over and over when I looked at her so I finally went up and asked her is your name Cindy she said yes how do you know it I said I felt like God told me your name and I feel like he has something to say to you now that opened our hearts so much to know what God said God may give you word association and you may not have ever thought of that as being prophetic you need to become aware that God is trying to speak to you a lot and that means that the more time we spend with him and the more time that we just honor the process of how God speaks to us the more we're going to see fruit in our lives from this amazing gift I personally sit down every day and I write down I just pray and do listening prayer write down words of knowledge so what I do in my iPad sometimes I do it on a piece of paper and I write down I try and keep a record because sometimes I'll meet the people months later that I'm writing down as a matter of fact when we had our last baby she would wake up a lot of times at night my wife and I would take shifts over these are at the time two-year-old or the baby and so when I get up in the middle of the night was my baby and it was asleep in my house with cry if I put her down I would just ask God what do you want to show me right now is there anything you want to do and I was just wait in prayer and every once in a while he would show me something I would type it into my phone and I would meet the people one of the men I met ended up being a very wealthy man from Indonesia and I got his first and last name I would have had no context for him I had only been to Indonesia once and I hadn't been around anybody who knew him and then I guess first and last name and he reached out to me over email after seeing a media presentation that I did and reached out to me and I knew I'm supposed to meet with this man because I knew all about his daughter his new son-in-law their businesses their lives and they become dear friends to me all because of a word of knowledge holding my daughter in the middle of the night that was faithful to Stuart on my telephone this is what prophecy in revelation does when you steward it it actually creates opportunity for you to connect to a world around you the way that God does and when we connect the world the way that God does it opens our lives to new and lasting opportunities that we would have never had without prophecy especially for those were prophesied to think about it with words of knowledge all of a sudden somebody comes alive inside they have a different opportunity in life they see God in the world around them differently and then that creates a context or connection with you as well it's a beautiful experience where you are at the height of someone's spiritual moment with God what would normally take 10 counseling sessions 15 therapy meetings 10 inner healing times and it happens in one nanosecond with God of just being faithful to steward what he's saying words of knowledge create a cause and effect where someone immediately feels as if it's a miracle if there was a spontaneous instantaneous miracle healing it causes the same result where someone knows that they've met with God as a matter of fact usually their friends and family will know as well and especially if you're doing it publicly the world around them will know what God's saying to them and it's one of the most exciting things that can happen to somebody as they hear god it brings them to a moment of decision a moment of faith where they either absolutely believe what God's saying or they don't believe in any of it it's such a powerful tool Sean Bowles is an internationally known prophetic voice who is ministered to thousands from royalty to those on the streets Shaun aims for the higher goal of loving people relationally not just pursuing the gift or information and he activates you to do the same in the hearing god package you'll receive Sean's book translating God you'll be inspired to learn how to hear God for yourself and others and grow in intimacy with the Lord you'll also receive Sean's teaching set developing your prophetic process an audio teaching series on six CDs that will give you practical instruction and with keys to heavens economy a book by Sean bolts you'll learn of God's desire to release finances for Kingdom purposes in this hour for your gift of $70 or more you can receive all three of these powerful resources to help you hear God better and communicate his love to a world that needs it visit us at dreams and mysteries.com or call one eight hundred five three eight five two eight five you know proverbs says that a gift makes way for the giver and word of knowledge definitely makes opportunities happen in your life that would never happen if you didn't go for revelation gifts from my own personal life I've been all around the world because of this prophetic pursuit that I have I've been in front of kings and presidents I've been in front of the the worst parts of slums and different nations I've been I've been with celebrities have been with all kinds of people that I would have no context for if it wasn't for the prophetic ministry in pursuing it but I'm here to tell you a little story that a man had told me for the latter day rain movement which is the 1950s revivals he props that it remained he moved in the word of knowledge prolifically especially for healing and he said Shawn you're gonna move in the world of knowledge one day and when you do for me I was at this is what he was saying about himself I was a token to a generation of what God could do but when you start moving in it you're gonna be a bridge to a generation that it's time for everyone to move in words of knowledge it's time for everyone to move in this kind of prophetic so for me I'm an example of what's available for you God wants to bring radical words and all to your life that create opportunities for the kingdom to advance like never before so I want to encourage you take risks just like if you were going to practice something else an instrument or if you're going to become a writer or whatever it is you need classes and you need practice and don't get discouraged by the fear of man don't get discouraged by insecurity when it doesn't happen because those moments help you and define what God's doing as much as the moments when you have the glory time there's times that we learn from what doesn't work that are so essential to learning how it does work and so you need to give yourself permission to make mistakes when it comes to prophetic pursuits and take responsibility if it didn't work just say hey I'm learning him I'm trying to learn how to hear from God and take lower-risk don't say God told me but actually share your heart say I'm feeling something in my spirit from God I'm feeling like Jesus is showing me something because when you do that you give God lots of room relationally to speak and it doesn't just have to be a one side of the prayer time but it could be an interactive prayer appointment with someone it's never just about prophecy it's about the person it's about you connecting to them and God connecting through you so I'm going to encourage you to take radical risks and trying to pursue words of knowledge I also want to pray for you because I believe in impartation and even if it's just for this television show I want to encourage you that we're gonna pray an impartation that you're gonna get right now and as you get it you're going to feel more equipped and more enabled to prophesy with words of knowledge just because it comes by faith faith comes by hearing you've just heard some radical stories you've seen some words of knowledge in action it's your turn so I'm going to pray for you right now that I would be a bridge and that my word of knowledge gift would be imparted to you God has no favorites so Holy Spirit right now for everyone who's watching I pray for radical radical release of words of knowledge I pray that we would start to even wonder and imagine what we're doing all jbeil ike in our everyday life god give us an opportunity even after we watch a show today whatever day it is for you that you would take a risk and I pray that it would pay off big that you would see God move powerfully through a word of knowledge as you take great risks and take great faith steps right now in Jesus name thank you for watching the mystery of the word of knowledge

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  1. You just sai what God said to me in prayer and revelation this morning and after a day that he showed me the truth of who I was as a child and the truth of my purpose. I heard him. It’s so beautiful how he just reminds and validates what he say 💯❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Being born 3 months early, I grew up knowing Almighty God. In my young adulthood I received many fruits of the Spirit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am thankful to have the gift of knowledge intended for others.

  3. Here's a word He gave me a few weeks ago. Sharing it from my blog, even though He told me to post it on youtube and other platforms I have. Blessings! Here's the link… https://vickyvmusic.blogspot.com/2019/04/a-storm-is-coming.html

  4. I’ve had a few fellow brothers and sisters who have told me I have the gift of knowledge because I would explain to the elders of the church the definition of my gifting, at the time not knowing that it was called the gift of knowledge let alone that it was in fact a spiritual gift. I’m just now trying to learn more about this as I listen to this message I’m like wow God has orchestrated everything this whole time I’m in awe of him. I’m just blown away. the gift of knowledge is truly a gift to me and for others. I’ve also been told I’m a natural leader. Yet I’m only just now having the eyes to see that too. this is helping me learn more about my gifting and how to use it for the glory of God and his purposes but I’m 23 and still have a lot of growing to do as far as the sanctification process for the healing of my soul. I am a complete mess but somehow The Lord still manages to use me and he still wants me and I don’t think I could ever grasp the concept of just how truly great this is. Thank you for this information everything makes so much sense now!

  5. https://youtu.be/gWdVbzLRUTM
    People need to get back into scripture, and STUDY!!! God will speak PLENTY! That is the primary way God communicates with us…through His word. People are so biblically illiterate, they have no discernment.

  6. I am so glad i found this video. Because because this is happening to me right now. i am experience that i don't understand. It's like knowing what is happening within my family things that they keep secret. I don't know what to do with this. I know that i use to be the black sheep of the family and now i am completely all for God and walking or trying to walk with God in a very organic and genuine way. what is this? can anyone tell me?

  7. I was so overwhelmed with this video. My heart wanted to burst and my eyes watered. I have dreams telling me someone will interpret them later because the time is not right. I have a dream journal and I write them down. Not sure what to do but pray and ask God to help me know what they mean.

  8. I have had the most fascinating dreams and terrifying nightmares. When I was 15, I dreamed President Reagan and Pope John Paul would be shot. When it came to pass, God continues to amaze me with Word, Truth, and Seer messages! I have so much I want to ask! Thanks for edifying me with this message! I need more of Him and less of me!!!

  9. Lol, very fitting that the other recommended videos with this one is about the heresy and danger of mediums, psychics and witchcraft. This guy is a false prophet, glorifying himself and presenting a false humility. Massive followings of sheep. “Word of knowledge” or the practice of such is absolutely unbiblical. Run away from this demon.

  10. I had an experience with word of knowledge this past week. It started by sharing with a backslidden believer the message of unforgiveness. She admitted she needed to forgive someone from decades ago. Her face lit up as I shared the words of Jesus and said she would finally forgive. She left joyous. I believe in word of knowledge there's the who, what, where, when and why. After our conversation God spoke to me and gave me two words only. A name (who) and (what) the association was. When I saw her again I asked if this name had any significance to her. She said yes and I can tell by her face expression she was taken back that I would mention that name. I then asked is this person is associated with you in this way. She said yes again. I'm new to this practice so I was thrilled I heard from God. I said this is all God gave me for now. I said obviously God knows this person by name and the circumstances and believe God will move in that relationship. Maybe next time God gives me a who and a what, I should ask him for the when, where and why. But I'm excited it works. Lately God told me to cut off everything in this world that wastes my time and is not part of the Kingdom. It's hard on the flesh. But my time with the Lord has increased to where seeking Him is all I do with my free time. Worship. Listen to Bible on YouTube while reading bible. Speaking in tongues. Prayer. Waiting on the Lord and reading books that edify.

  11. Pray for me, I desire to have an encounter with the Angel of Finances. I believe God called me for business.

  12. Hi Shawn- Wow ok…I relate to what you are saying. I have to read your book. I have had so many encounters with strangers. Yes its like an immense LOVE that God has for people which opens up their eyes to the now. Often in their pain… Its like deep heart therapy. Recently a stranger at a park felt very compelled to tell me several things, for which I just asked God concerning. It was very exciting and refreshing.

  13. I've heard Shawn say you have to practice 2000 times before it works. Can someone tell me why and where a biblical reference to this is?

  14. I'm not comfortable with impression-based words of knowledge. Much more comfortable with dream-based – they seem to be more accurate and foolproof.

  15. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

    Only Jesus is the way to Heaven and be saved from hell.

    "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
    Romans 5:8

    "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

    Have you confessed Jesus as your LORD and Savior? You must confess Him as your LORD and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead to be saved from eternal damnation in hell and be able to go to Heaven

    "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." Romans 10:9

    "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one." 1 John 5:7

  16. 2 Timothy 3:7 (KJV)
    7 "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." Words, words, words of falseness and a medium. "Your name is Edward." Oh my false word! Your ministry is the work of Satan. If anyone believes that this is from God, they are so out of touch with the Holy Spirit; ridiculously false. Can you tell the difference between a medium and Shawn? check out a medium and decide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umS6ll_P9Qo

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