38 thoughts on “Dream Theater – Learning to Live (Lyrics)”

  1. yes, he is a Genius, this song for me significate much, im drummer, when i listened first time, 17 years, now 44, was very frustated in because its very difficult, but when i translate lyrics, looks for me that he soeacks about my life, so that up my affect for that song as literature when you read something that you thoughts and the write put in words your feel, your frustation, your pain…its beatiful…swon tahnk you JOhn Myung and of course DT…its only thing that stayed with me…ever…they …in my darkest as now …i know thet their are with me…ever.

  2. I saw Dream Theater in Concert do this album. With The Galactic Cowboys. Rocked. One of the flawless albums and concerts ever!

  3. This is imo the most beautiful DT song. Always brings tears to my eyes. Also has the best lyrics. Didn't know Myung wrote them.

  4. 7:12….a quién no se le erice el vello es que no está vivo…No tengo palabras….ésto es ARTE….joder….lágrimas cayendo.

  5. That second verse pattern is unbelievable. It evolves at every pass and by the end it’s completely unrecognizable. I’ve been listening to this song for 20+ years and still don’t have it 100% mapped out in my head.

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