Dr. Roselyne OKech: Education Opportunities in Canada

she graced daring abroad some time back with amazing feedback yes overwhelming really really overwhelming many have been seeking her guidance on job and education opportunities in Canada where she works as a lecturer today dr. Rosaline a cage tells us what changed after she shared her story on this show yes the two students joined last September they are doing computational mathematics and I was very proud I was really really proud of them and they're doing well and so I'm very very excited that they at least they joined and they come to my office they say hello you know it's very talky Swahili when I met dr. Rosaline or catch in Cana Brook City in November 2017 a meal of Oh golly and Sukuma wiki was the only thing that made her feel at home in a city of only about 20,000 people she was the only Kenyan living in the city then Rosaleen who teaches tourism at the Granville campus Memorial University says appearing on daring abroad made her a celebrity I've had a lot and you know the inquiries are just too overwhelming people are calling my office directly you know because now you just google my name and I'm all over so people he will leave voice messages in in my office you know just my I really want my son to come I want my daughter to come how can I help I've received a lot of requests for scholarships students are really looking for scholarships so I really think the daring abroad really really makes us get out of our box you know and just know that you can make it so two students have already joined the campus and there are many more who would like to join but funding can be a big challenge and the question many ask is how can one get a scholarship scholarship is very competitive and I don't discourage them you have to just run in the race like everybody else but it's very very competitive some some schools or some disciplines have better funding than others so again it depends on the discipline in which you want a lot a lot of scholarships you know in arts might not be as high as somebody who wants to do sciences for instance but like I said it's very very competitive make sure that you follow the rules that are there and you can still make it because we do have quarters we do have quarters that they give for people coming from third world countries and people you know coming from different you know African countries so you just have to look out for them just make sure that you do whatever they ask you follow the rules and just keep on applying you shouldn't give up there Maria University what can Kenyans want to go destiny the most common causes of course everybody wants to do business so business management is usually Business Studies is usually very common even for masters a lot of people now are doing MPA and they want to proceed but we have a lot of programs there psychology if you want to do education I mean tourism department you can be able to do Fine Arts you know and and that is for me I think it's something that we really need to nurture in in Kenya define us aspect I don't think we are really exposed to that as much undergraduate yes what would it cost one my university actually is the cheapest in Canada yeah it is a lot of and a lot of people would really come to Memorial because of the low fees even some students within Canada leave their provinces to come there because of the low fees so that is one advantage now international students there they are charged differently from local students obviously so about $9,000 a year the student can be able to you know that that is in Canadian Canadian is a little different from the US it's about $9,000 for tuition fees it will be around approximately 700 thousand seelix yes Trisha Trisha yes tuition and then accommodation you have to pay hostels a fee that could be about another $5,000 and then maybe books so let's say a little over $20,000 per year a student can be able to study as an international student but we usually have when they come in for the first years they have the opportunity to get a little bit of funding so some of those costs are you know you can be able to take care some of some of those costs and they can be able to get part-time jobs as well it's possible to work it's possible to work and yes yes yeah they only limited to 20 hours when the in session when they close a week when they close you can work as many hours as you want and you have an exactly four months so so students really when they come they just probably need the fee for the first year a diligent student at a discipline student can't Rozlyn who hails from CI a– county moved to Canada in 2009 she is a former lecturer of Massino University she says many of her former students are doing well in the hospitality industry in Kenya among them Duncan wangi the general manager of acacia Premier Inn Kisumu that was my former students in Massena so my students are really doing well the chair of the the department in Massena right now was also my former student of the of the department in masane in tourism department eco tourism department was also my former student in Canada sabbatical leaves mean allowed to lecturers doctor okay took one this year and managed to two or seven countries including her motherland Kenya my university has got two types of sabbatical when you work for six years you are entitled to a whole year sabbatical if you work for three years they're entitled to a half sabbatical which is about four months so because I didn't want to eat for six years it's too long I decided to take the three years so every three years I'm entitled to have sabbatical so this year I was up the winter semester I was up to sabbatical so I've been around from December really but the sabbatical started officially in January 1st till April so I took my sabbatical and one of the things that you are required is you do research it is during dr. o kicked last leg of her sabbatical that we interviewed her in Nairobi well have been here I've attended two international conferences or the first one was in Malta and the second one was in Croatia and the Croatian one is very significant because I was awarded the females researcher award international and always we've been interviewed by the Montenegro TV station that was the best female there it's something that we thank you it was something that really took me aback but I'm very proud [Applause] also I went to South Africa so I've been engaged in a little bit of research and publication and writing I've just done a book I'm getting a book deal with somebody from Amsterdam yeah so those are some of the things that have been I've been doing when I've been away and well at it recently I came back from when I came back I was invited to be a guest of honor at the 7th University graduation at University of tourism technology and business studies in Rwanda chicken it's a private university and I've been working with them closely in fact I'm one of the people who developed their curricula so when they were having their graduation this year they invited me to be a guest of honor so I was part of that and then other than that you know last week I just came back from quani University where I was part of a panel that was mentoring students as they were presented they're presenting their concepts master's concept papers interesting so it's been busy yes it's been busy but have been very very fulfilled when you on sabbatical you have certain projects do you get funding yes if you apply for research like now I got research funds got some research money to be able to do the research but being able to do a few of class attend the conference's so if you apply on time the University funds okay yeah and you continue drawing a salary yes yes you continue doing the salary and despite her busy schedule there is one thing doctor or catch never takes for granted spiritual matters she is a member of the Queen Esther's generation headed by pasta dr. Esther or ba CK a movement whose goal is to transform equip empower and engage the women for Christian service I've had a privilege this time in may in the last meeting I was Minister we passed Esther which was a tremendously humbling opportunity because that is a big platform you are talking of 2,000 women plus and you don't know the spotlight is on you so that was a great opportunity to the great honor for her to be able to trust me that you can be able to come in Easter with her we had just come back from Australia where we were launching the Australian chapter and so you know that is my contribution dr. o ketch is the coordinator of the Canadian chapter of Queen Esther's generation we don't have a membership per se we just opened it to everybody Queen Esther's generation as a movement is not tied to one donek denomination is interdenominational you can come from Catholic Anglican wherever you are it's open to everybody and we did that so that somebody does not feel that this this is just for one church we wanted to make sure that everybody is included all women and even men karma show me one of Rosalind memory positions was in 2018 in Nairobi when she ministered to singles during the annual summit these pleats the groups married people go separately and the singles people's can go separately so because I'm single she gave me the opportunity to minister to the single if school is what you need to enhance your skill if you just need to go for some extra trade then do it it all depends on in conclusion dr. o th is active home and away in her punchline on the desperate bite is that daring abroad connects people this is a program that I had watched before and they loved a left following the stories of Kenyans daring or whatever they're doing abroad and I desired I guess within my heart that one day I'm going to appear in this show [Applause] [Applause] well that you

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  2. At the time I was a Christian way I saw wizards every night so much I was insane since I came out of those idiots I sleep so well. I thank the ancestors for enlightening me.

  3. Very encouraging in deed. I am international student in Hungary from Kenya under scholarship doing my Bachelor in Mechatronical Engineering. The challenge I am facing here in Hungary is Language. So I will like to either switch to Canadian university or further my studies there. Any advice for me.

  4. I'd like to join as an international student especially the tourism course..though I'd like to enquire whether one can pay the fee semester wise instead of yearly ..like you pay the first semester when joining then in that order.
    Thanks alot for this opportunity.

  5. Waooo…am the 3td prison to like this ,like zike wapi….am really motivated by this story…love .obasi-ike sna,please like and subscribe to my channel..

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