Dr. Mphu Ramatlapeng, Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Lesotho Talks TB

I am put am i clapping Minister of Health and Social Welfare usage you know us ID is one of the u.s. usg organizations that contributing a lot in the fight against TB and HIV meds and in particular team and what stop TB then brings in is or other agencies that are working around TV to make sure that the complement each other with their work as the government of the Sutro cleanly has to be committed one enabling legislation to make sure everything is on is is in place and also bringing the new technology as fast as possible there are only two ways of diagnosing it over in the past androgens both of them very very not definitive very difficult to interpret by other people so this is hundred years or word and the vaccine against TB equally as all or I'll tell you what we're looking for whether we at all we had any MDR cases we found that it was very difficult so we actually found the MDR cases but by the time the results came which was like 31 days later patients we did so now with the new technology blind progress a now that in extract within days within a day that repeat units that patient can actually wait for two hours and get the results that's a great deal that's a big deal actually in the front of TV in the last 40 years nothing like that has ever happened that believe me this is a huge deal they said small rocks it is a system where we can actually diagnose TB that the patient is going to be and that patient is what either Martyn Lannister doorman right multidrug-resistant in two hours the good thing is the patient will know at the time of contacts with a with a facility majority of those who get to be our people would not would not comply with treatments for instance you'd get people people who are using drugs people who are drinking a lot alcoholics and these are people and again you feel much better quite fast once your star treatment like three weeks later you already feel good so most of these people the compliance was very very poor so on Activia got to use to the drugs so using the same drugs trick treat the same drug that you use gypsum TB that already knew the tracks so to speak so in the end date you idiot the intranets treatment completely useless the commitment to the government from the gap from assess the social government is huge because we want to see each and every patient who has TB trips and completion treatment what we have done is to ships a patient who's who has TB as though they also have HIV wherever whenever you walk through the door and we realize that you have to be we are looking for HIV those who have HIV we are looking for TV in them so that they you are treating it as a patient or listicle because we realize that we need to know that they are the issue that I think we are waiting for is will be new drugs and you already have a machine that can be used at the point of care and now you will see that's it you unfortunately you need all three new drugs new vaccine and technology for diagnosis that is accessible that is used a prepared you

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