Dr Amanda Fitzgerald – University Teaching Qualification

their certificate and university teaching and learning has helped me to develop my teaching philosophy and also improve my ability to act as a critically reflective teacher I now have a set of goals for my teaching and methods for achieving these goals i also have a better understanding of how students learn which enables me to be a much more effective facilitator of learning I've taken the principles of learning and teaching and adopted them to my strengths the certificate in university teaching learning has had a direct and proximate impact on how I teach I've learned about the importance of incorporating octo based learning strategies into my teaching as a teacher I seek to create a classroom environment that encourages Akhter participation from my students I aim to employ active learning strategies in all of my teaching sessions such as class discussions collaborative and peer learning groups and obtaining students reactions to videos I've learned about the importance of obtaining feedback on my teaching and learned about new strategies for obtaining feedback from students I continually seek feedback on my teaching formally and informally and I fear that this improve my teaching and also increased my understanding of how students learn I really enjoyed engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning through the program a lot of research and theory has informed my teaching philosophy and practice so for example research about new assessments joshi's has informed my decision to employ peer assessments in one of my modules and I continue to inform and evaluate my teaching through the scholarship of teaching and learning

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