Donald Trump on Economy, Crime, Education, Jobs, Security

the education is virtually non-existent it’s so bad the common core work and get rid of common core belief common core is out we’re gonna bring education level but you take a look at the african-american folks living in the inner cities where the crime is so bad you go with your child to get a loaf of bread and you get shot it’s so bad the crime is out of control everything is out of control you look at chicago 300 know 3,000 shooting 3000 shootings since january first the crime rate is incredible murders in the United States nobody tells you this these people don’t tell you this murders in the United States murders in the united states are up 45 did you see the numbers the highest the highest they’ve been the highest they’ve been in 45 years murder so murders the highest it’s been in 45 years we are going to make our country so much stronger so much safer and for the african-american community living in the hell of these inner cities we’re gonna solve the crime problem we’re going to help with education we’re going to bring our jobs back for everybody we’re gonna make the community safe and you have been saying this what the hell do you have to lose their disaster that the inner cities are a disaster all over watching t.v see Baltimore you look at the crime statistics i really say it what do you have to lose I will fix the inner cities it’s like a passion of mine i’m good at fixing things especially realistic and importantly we’re going to help big league with education we’re going to bring in choice which is so important and so important is we’re gonna bring jobs back to our country so that people actually have jobs so i say i hope you’re gonna vote for Donald Trump same things same things same thing with Hispanic Americans is that a correct seven how many Hispanic Americans that we have here one we have at least we have a lot wow that’s we’re gonna bring jobs back we’re going to bring education back we’re gonna bring safety back vote for Trump we’re gonna fix it that i can join you vote for truck stop here’s a list of things we’re going to fix our depleted military our depleted military you look at where we are compared to where we used to be number of ships the kind of weapon we have you look at what’s going on with the people we just made rich look at what’s going on tonight just take a look at what’s going on we want to have peace through strength we have to be stronger we have to have better equipment our people in the military are the best but they have old equipment they have old fighter jets they have fighter jets that are so old that they have to go to museums where they’re on display they have to go to playing graveyards because they don’t make the parts anymore these are fighter jets that we’re currently using so we’re going to fix are very very depleted military so that our people in the military can have the kind of depth and the kind of equipment that they deserve we’re going to work with our veterans because our veterans in many cases are treated for worse than illegal immigrants coming into the country we’re going to help our veterans big veteran state we’re going to help our veterans and help them big league and they know my plan it’s been posted and I have tremendous veteran support there’s not going to be waiting on line for nine days and seven days and six days and people dying people dying because they can’t see a doctor quickly enough for a simple procedure or for a simple prescription so we’re gonna fix that and you all know what we’re doing if you have that kind of a wait you’re going outside to a private doctor across the street or you’re going to a private or public hospital will pay the bill but you’re not going to be dying in our country not our veterans you’re not going to be dying waiting on line 47 days nine days intended very important we are going to stop drugs from pouring into our car ice indoor stuff just last week the border patrol agents 2016 thousand five hundred and I so we have ice we have Border Patrol first time either one has ever endorsed the presidential candidate we are going to stop and I promised this to the people of New Hampshire because New Hampshire has a tremendous heroin problem we are going to stop drugs from pouring in to our country and poisoning our years we’re going to stop we’re going to stop and we’re going to stop people from coming into our country illegally but we are going to have a big beautiful door in our wall and that door is going to let lots of people in but they’re coming into our country legally we’re going to protect your second Amendment which is under siege the National Rifle Association endorsed Donald Trump and it’s the earliest endorsement they’ve ever given to a candidate I’m proud of these are great people these are great Americans and they’re doing the right thing so your 2nd amendment under siege if hillary gets in forget it forget it we will protect your second Amendment importantly importantly so importantly I told you about Obamacare forget it it’s gone but so importantly we are going to appoint justices to the united states supreme court that you will be proud of Constitution we’re going to be upholding and respecting our Constitution so I just want to say this when you look back and we all had a good time even though your speakers were no good your teleprompters were no good as long as Trump was good that’s all we had a good but you’re gonna look back at this evening you’re gonna say hey I had a good time but you’re gonna go home and in 15 years and in 25 years hopefully and longer than that you’re gonna look back at this even and say this was a very important evening in your life more importantly I love those signs women for chunky but I actually think i’m doing well with women Wow see they may have the worst seats but they’re going to be the most names people because look at this count so more importantly you’ll get a view your vote or November a to be the most important vote that you’ve ever cast because we’re going to take back the White House we’re going to have a country that you’re going to be so proud of again we’re going to have a country that works you notice we don’t win anymore folks what was the last time we want we have a ran nipping at us you look at what’s going on we can’t beat Isis i always say George Patton i was a fan today he couldn’t make it because he wasn’t politically correct he was a little on the rough side right it was bom bom-bom but George fat General Douglas because these people are spinning in their graves right now and for the military people right for the military p the element of surprise don’t be like that the element system so I year who knows what we hear in emotional that a lot of the leaders of Isis are in muscle right I’ve been here that for a while and they think they’re largely in muscle that three weeks ago I started hearing that we through Iraq but we are going to attack most we’re going to attack them sometime within the next few months we’re gonna hit them hard left right back forward yes sir we’re going to attack that there’s only one problem by the time we attack them all the guys that we want to go to be gone they’re very smart how stupid are the people that run our country why couldn’t they keep it quiet why couldn’t they keep it quiet knock the hell out of them grab them all and then announced a week later to the American people that we’ve gotten two bad ones and bad ones are gone hugs there’s someplace to us we that’s for the military people they understand that better than anybody am i right you think general george patton if he were in charge and by the way i have over 200 Admirals and Generals supporting Donald Trump and endorsing them i have twenty-one recipients of the medal of honor that have endorsed Donald Trump so they like my attitude they like actually my knowledge people were surprised the other night when we about the way totally totally annihilated into the back totally remember when she came in front of me she walked right in front of me i said hi Hilary but remember she walked in front of me answer that question which is fun i had no problem with it and then the next day they put out something i invaded her space while on the same I think did you see that right standing here’s my lectern no no here’s my lecture and I’m standing there and were answering and this in that and I was 321 you know I’d Anderson Cooper and I had Martha Raddatz I don’t think she likes to be too much I don’t think she likes me too much no but I had three two one in fact I said that what is this 321 and Hillary came in she walked right in front of me i was at my chair I was at my lecture I was standing there and the reason is I didn’t want to be scolded for that and sure as hell the next thing he violated Hillary’s space or to put it another way he violated the space of crooked Hillary so anyone but she’s home now she’s prepping so we’ll see what happens but when i saw this whole thing on muscle day after day were attacking most so in two weeks three weeks exactly all they know is it’s happening what the hell are we doing what do we do so we’re going to have a country run smart we won’t be giving a hundred and fifty billion dollars to a terrorist state will be looking at that deal so clothes inside out and backwards and if it’s not if they are not living up in the hardest part for me is we’re giving them so much money already I wouldn’t like it much more before we gave more that money but they don’t honor that deal to every single little line every single little word we’re gonna rip the sucker up so fast your head spin your head will scrub it’s one of the most incompetent deals I’ve ever seen in my life I’m not talking about nation-to-nation secretary Kerry never stood up and said were walking and he did he could have made a much better deal and I don’t mind making deals for nuclear I don’t mind making great deals don’t forget Obama thinks that global warming is our biggest threat i happen to think its nuclear warming our biggest threat is nuclear and it’s not global warming its nuclear warming and i’ll tell you what we’re gonna work very hard on that situation because that situation is getting more and more and more out of control and hilary talks tough about Russia and she talks tough about a lot of

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