Donald Trump Jr calls teachers "Losers"

yeah you know what I love I love seeing some young conservatives cuz I know it's not easy keep up that fight bring it to your schools you don't have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth you don't have to do it

37 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr calls teachers "Losers"”

  1. America has become disgustingly and dangerously anti-intellectual. Trump and his imbecilic spawn are shining examples of the dumbing down of America. This is nauseating.

  2. We multi-millionaires are your best buds, not other workers. Just keep working for us and be a good person, and you too will be a successful asshole like my daddy some day.

  3. I think ye with 25 subscribers are the dumb and uneducated. I wish I were dumb enough to be worth a billion dollars and employ 10,000 people. Btw, this guy doesn't call teachers "losers." He calls some teachers losers, so stop the lying, aye?

  4. I am a high school teacher I am dont understand why people are getting so pissed by this. He is not calling all teachers losers. He is calling the ones that belittle people for trying to push socialism. This makes me think of college professors that will push an agenda on their students and fail them if they dont see things their way. I dont care who you are or what your beliefs are but if you are trying to push any sort of agenda and belittle your students for not seeing things your way, then you are a loser teacher. If you are doing the right things and teaching your students well then it doesn't matter what Donald Trumps stupid son has to say about you. Keep doing your job well. If you keep getting offended by ignorance, you will spend your whole life being offended.

  5. Why are they attacking teachers?? If it was about the curriculum why doesn't he attack the curriculum instead?? I believe fully that the point of this was to demonize teachers. These mfrs and their supporters are a joke. Idk how ppl still support this administration…

  6. Republican kids- you dont have to! Just walk out of the school and never return. Just stay home. You dont need to deal with any of those loser teachers. Just stay home and watch Fox News

  7. He is absolutely correct. Indoctrination is a much higher priority than education in our schools today.

  8. I have a BSN degree and I can attest that the prerequisite courses I had to take contained brainwashing sessions that one must go along with or be rejected. If you are a White male and try to argue that nobody in your family ever owned a slave; that you are not racist, not misogynist, and have only attempted to help people rather than harm them, your life will be made very difficult and you will be graded far more harshly than your peers. They indoctrinate you and blow smoke about what a great critical thinker you are as long as you never challenge anything by presenting evidence that is contrary to their claims. If you do question them, their facades will be dropped and you will soon discover that they are the very monsters they claim to be against. They are genuine fascists that have taken root throughout academia who follow and push a political agenda that only ever results in tyranny and destruction. Over time, they have weeded out pretty much all professors and researchers who do not go along with their ideologies (this is why you do not find academics who will question human-caused climate change or even look at evidence to the contrary other than to blindly attack and dismiss it). These fascists always use flawed studies to support the nonsense they teach; even worse, they go on to produce those biased studies themselves in order to perpetuate this vicious cycle that has destroyed the integrity of science and turned it into a religious cult (the very thing they all pretend they are against). Scientists are now losing integrity at the same pace as journalists because those professions have both been taken over by ideological zealots.

  9. Not trump that's for sure. Someone who doesn't lie when his lips are moving. A compassionate person who cares about USA instead of Russia.

  10. The definition of loser is someone who throws around the term socialism so casually, but doesn't know what the hell it means.

  11. Boy does this family know how to brainwash people. Keep drinking the cool aid people why dont you and the trumps go to Jim Jones island and drink the real cool aid. The mind games are ramped

  12. I am a teacher and I’m not a socialist Mr. Trump. You are nothing but an embarrassment! While you sat back resting on your trust fund I was off at college working my ass off like so many others getting my degree to teacher some of the most incredible students! I have zero regrets except ever endorsing the Republican Party. Seriously, when can we throw Trump out of office?

  13. The parents of a deceased teacher who was killed in hit-and-run in El Paso was on stage supporting this idiot clapping as he called teachers losers. I am disgusted because to me that says they just called their own deceased daughter a loser they should have walked off right then and there.

  14. Finally…… found him saying this without the pathetic Commie criticism by the usual CNN,MSNBC,not funny late night shows,THE VIEW COWS…..Trump JR clearly stated the teachers that are doctrinating the students…… sacks of shit Liberals choose to attack him over the truth????? These kids are so brainwashed it’s a miracle how any of them break away from the shit they are told. I was a school board member for years and believe me this is exactly what’s going on…. never mind mentioning the drain on taxpayer funds to pay for entitled 4 months off a year (combined summer,spring,Christmas breaks and the endless supposed professional days and bs conventions). It’s a Commie propaganda machine

  15. I think he's just saying that based on personal experience because judging based on his father's, as well as his, business acumen, reading comprehension, writing ability, and public speaking ability they must not have had really good teachers. Either that or they listened to their teachers about just as much as they listen to their constituents and their advisers.

  16. Absolutely an embarrassment to the entire US. He and his siblings are just as stupid as their loser father who not only can't spell, but can't read either. So much for the advantages of a private school education when it produces such ignorant trolls as the ones in that family.

  17. I could say a hundred intelligent rebuttals to this idiotic slack-ass traitor's negative, fear-mongering and propagandizing words, but all I really want to say is…..Fuck you, Donald Trump Jr. Just….fuck you.

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