Dominic Morais: Powers Fellow in UT’s Department of Kinesiology and Health Education

My name is Dominic Morais and my major is Interdisciplinary Sports Studies – a combination between philosophy, history
and sociology within a particular realm of sport. We are taking our knowledge of physical culture
to the next level. I am interested in the history of sports science specifically its application to strength and
conditioning and how to increase performance for sport. We can learn from history and help the future
as well. I don’t think the nature of my research would actually help people to become bigger
and stronger but I think that the impact it would have is to bring credibility to the profession. Sports are an incredible part of almost everyone’s
life and strength and conditioning has an integral
part in that. Without it the path of sports to be on I don’t think would be the same I was informed that I got the Powers Fellowship. I didn’t really know what it was. I had never heard of it before, but after looking at it, it was just – it
was unreal. You see all these little people doing amazing things and you realize I am
here for a reason. I have the ability to change the world in
some way or at least make a significant impact on it and I think that pushes you. The Powers Fellowship helps out a lot in that the opportunity for me to really focus all
my time on academics has helped me an incredible amount. I want to become a professor. I want to be very involved in research. I want to have many publications out in my
area of study. I would love to be the one that leaves the
stamp of credibility on sports science – – helps it to blossom into what I ultimately
think it will become. “Next” is what the Powers fellows make of
it. They are the ones that define what “next”
is going to be. It is such an honor to be a Powers Fellow.

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