30 thoughts on “Dolores Cannon Restoring Lost Knowledge to New Earth [FULL VIDEO]”

  1. U and me knows something similar, I noticed in every speech you make you will tell something that I have been thinking for years

  2. I really want to listen to this but I can’t stand her dry mouth or loose denture sounds. I guess I’ll try her books

  3. 1st wave here, 2019 now.
    Wow! I have a question for Dolores, do bloodlines have any impact on this phenomenon? This question can be to anybody who knows Dolores' material.
    She is always so spot-on and was advanced way before her time. Fabulous information again.
    Delores what are your thoughts on the council and the bloodlines? The relationship on planet and off-planet. And why are the people being stuck in the soul Farms?

  4. I was just talking to ~GOD~. THEY* said, keeping YOU in mind when YOU were genetically engineered DNA from an ape was used. Don't get mad at me. I didn't say it. ~GOD~ did. -Bill Howes, Resident (earthbound) Guardian Angel.

  5. Everybody talks about what aliens did tho us thousands of years ago. But nobody talks about what aliens are doing now in biringan city and their business with the IMF.

  6. One night I dreamed about the aliens we see outside hovering and blinking floating etc. I had downloaded a Morse code flashing / tone app to communicate with them. We have like 12 hours of these things on film in the hills behind our house. I closed my eyes and immediately I was laying on my roof and saw a shooting star. I blinked once and I was sitting in a round chair on what looked like the deck of a spaceship. I was in a room with 2 of these beings I believe to be greys…and one of them said "While I'm sorry about your recent vehicle issues we aren't allowed to intervene in the lives of humans. We do hope you understand. We are merely here to watch and record data." I cannot remember my response but I wasn't alarmed or afraid at all. I don't know how I got back into my bed either. I've never seen star trek as she mentions or any science fiction alien series except xfiles maybe 20 years ago. It gave me goosebumps to hear her talk about this.

  7. Can’t say that I agree with the homosexuality bit – I think that’s again part of our never ending journey of learning and experiencing life in every manner

  8. this is just amazing and has opened my eyes to a new earth, i'm so grateful for this upload that i got to know Dolores for the first time with just all the information that i needed to understand what she did, her energy was just huge!

  9. if you don't know what you want,.. only means you need to experience some of the life and what it offers,.. and then you can have some option to choose the type of opportunity,. she's doesn't explain it the right way,.. because there isn't no right way,.. she can change her comment any way that suites the opportunity so can you,… meaning make your own choices,..

  10. If anyone is able to or still paying attention to this please, let me know what you think. I woke up about 4 days ago, with a waking dream of 8 and it's connection to infinity. What I actually saw, was blackness which burst and then I am watching the multi dimensional spread of "particules". Like the spread of life. The constant 8 though I can't stop seeing. Anyway, I will also tell what I've learned and that's Love, but not love through being loved, but seeing it as in no matter what happens no matter how bad, never stop caring.

  11. The lighting changed at the end, a few minutes before it finished, and Dolores looks…. different, she changed colour, she looked whiter (but brighter) did anybody else see this too?

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