Dogs Opening Gifts | Teach Your Old Dog A New Trick

( upbeat music plays ) Teach your old dog
a new tricks! ( dog barks ) Yes, as you know,
on this show, we believe that you can teach
an old dog a new trick, even thought they say
it can't be done! It is the position of this show
that it can be done, and so that is why
we routinely ask you guys to teach your
old dogs new tricks. It's a challenge. – It's a challenge.
– Well, let's just say it's an invitation. – So…
– It's an opportunity. what we have invited you
to do this time is teach your dog
to open a present. – And you did that.
– Mm-hmm. You sent us videos.
Let's watch 'em. Man 1:
Rocco, I need you
to open your gift for Rhett and Link. Woman 1:
Do you see the present? Woman 2:
Go ahead, get it. ( people clamoring ) Man 2:
Oh, you found
a little piece of it. Man 1:
Get it! Man 3:
Andy, open your present. – Woman 4: Good job!
– Woman 5: Get it, Pearl! ( laughter ) Man 4:
Open it! Man 5:
Hey… ( toy squeaks ) Woman 6:
What'd you get?
What'd you get? – ( clamoring )
– ( dog barks ) Woman 5:
There we go.
Oh, it's out! Oh! – Women: Yay!
– ( clapping ) Ah. Brings me such joy
to watch animals do things! I didn't actually
see any presents. I just saw, like, whenever
a dog would finally get it, – Those dogs did, though.
– they would like– I would see
the butt of the dog walking away from the camera
like, "You not getting
my present," whatever it was. Wow, it was more successful
than I anticipated. – I think.
– They do have
good noses, though. That's why they can figure out
how to get into things, but we also tried this
with our beloved dogs, Barbara and Jade. It went
a little differently. Link:
Hey, Jade,
you wanna open a present? Rhett:
Barbara, I got you a present. Link:
Here it is. Here's a present, open it. Rhett:
I believe in you. – ( Barbara sniffing )
– No, no, no. Link:
There's a toy in there. ( babbling ) Rhett:
Get into it. ( Barbara whining ) No, don't… No, don't play
with the ball. Rhett: ( whispers )
It's part of the present. Yeah, get it. Get it, get it, get it. No, no, Barbara! Link:
Stop nibbling it
and just pull it out. Rhett:
It's not as well-sealed anymore. You opened a present! Congratulations. Link:
Grab it. Seriously? ( laughter ) I mean, she was like,
"I'ma check out the present. No, thanks.
That present's not for me." She's not into dead foxes
or whatever that thing was. Well, yeah, in fairness,
it was like a dead fox head with like a neck this long
and nothing else. Oh, yeah, yeah,
she wants a full-bodied fox. – Yeah.
– That's what she insists upon. All right, we def picked
a winner, though. We have a top dog,
it is Luke, and he gets
some help from Pearl. Let's check it out. ( woman laughing ) – I expected a head!
– I know! But that dog just had
a neck with a face on it. How did he even keep– how did he even
balance that thing? What was he doing?
Did he have his tongue out? I just assumed that
it was a bag-shaped head inside of the bag,
you know? After seeing it
for so long. Ah, well,
that was amazing. – Luke?
– Ah. – It's Luke.
– And Pearl as well. You guys get a signed picture
of us and our dogs. Congratulations
Luke and Pearl! Enjoy.
And, all right, it's time for the next
challenge/invitation. What we want you to do
is teach your dog the "Lady and the Tramp"
noodle eating technique, where they eat
one end of the noodle and then you,
or another dog or whatever you choose is eating the other end
of the noodle. We are very much looking
forward to seeing those. – Yeah.
– In the meantime, thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. You know what
time it is. – Hi, I'm Mike.
– And I'm Jonah. – And I'm Seth.
– I'm Danielle. We're here at the Dutch
Apple Dinner Theatre. Closing up "Buddy:
The Buddy Holly Story." – In Lancaster.
– Pennsylvania. All:
And it's time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! – Hi, Buddy Holly!
– Closing it up! Click the bottom link to watch
this episode from the beginning. And click the top link
to watch us play our version of the reddit 50/50 challenge
in "Good Mythical More" while he eats cheese
grated on a foot. – Ah.
– And to find out where… Both:
The Wheel of Mythicality
is going to land. You thought I forgot.

48 thoughts on “Dogs Opening Gifts | Teach Your Old Dog A New Trick”

  1. Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberinos! I teach my old Rat , Kimba , new tricks all the time. He now knows how to open his cage.

  2. For some reason I really like seeing what people's houses look on the inside so it was interesting to see the inside of Rhett and Links house. Anyone else with me?

  3. "Hey, what's your dog doing?"
    "Oh, he's eating wrapping paper."
    "Cuz two dudes on the internet told him to."

  4. Awesome episode!!! Loved watching the dogs trying to open the presents! My dog is afraid of the sounds that the paper and tissue make! πŸ€” Luke was a big boy!!! Too cute!!πŸ˜‹

  5. My dog got a toy chicken and she looked at us like seriously πŸ˜’ she wore the same face as this emoji. It was Hailourous.

  6. I have a maltipoo just like Barbara, she could careless about unwrapping a present she will however get into the trash pull out a plastic bag with a knot at the handle, open it then open the plastic to go container from Boston market and proceed to eat every bit of what is left all within 5 mins and not make any noise to call attention to herself while I’m on the phone and in the same room.

  7. Link's gray hair is becoming more prominent. It's been a very subtle change apparently. I'll have to go back to see when the onset of this took place.

  8. I just got this notification today (the 16th) and it says it was posted on the 13 but it also says posted about an hour ago so…

  9. All my dogs have opened presents, I just figured all dog could, never even considered it was a trick. they even wait their turn at christmas.

  10. There laughs are priceless!!!
    β€œ neck with a face on it ”

  11. Haha my dog can already do the noodle eating trick. Xb First weeks or so when we got him I tried it when we had spaghetti and he took the other end right away. Xb Made it almost to my face before he just pulled the last bit from me.

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