Dogs! Learning about Dog Facts for Kids

– [Narrator] Dogs. One in three families owns a dog in the United States of America. They’re everywhere. (dog barks) Dogs have been friends of
humans for 12,000 years. (dog barks) There are hundreds of
different breeds of dogs and all of them are awesome. The average dog lives to
be 10 to 14 years old. They have 42 teeth and are omnivores, which means they eat all kinds of meats, vegetables, and grains but don’t feed them any
grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, or chocolate because
those foods make them sick. A dog’s sense of smell is
more than one million times stronger than a human’s and their noses are one of a
kind, like human fingerprints. No two dog noses are the same. (dog sniffs) Lots of people think dogs
are completely colorblind but that’s not true. They can see color, just not
as vividly as most humans, but they do have great night vision. They can see way better
than humans when it’s dark. Dogs can also hear things
four times farther away than humans can hear. There are 18 different
muscles that dogs use to move each ear. So cute! The average dog can run
about 19 miles per hour at full speed and releases sweat through
the pads of their feet. Their hearts also beat much
faster than human hearts. While our hearts beat
around 80 times in a minute, a dog’s heart beats up
to 120 times per minute. (whimsical music) Dogs don’t smile with their
mouths like people do. They show they’re happy
by wagging their tails. They especially like
playing (ball squeaks), running (dog pants), going on walks, getting head scratches or belly rubs, and treats. (upbeat music) Dogs love humans but if you see a dog, make sure you always ask their
owner if you can pet them before you actually touch them. Sometimes they can be nervous
around people they don’t know. (dogs barking) Dogs are great! What’s your favorite thing about dogs? Thanks for watching!

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