Does Megalodon still exist? Shark Week debunked

Sharks are really, really cool. They’ve been
around about 400 million years. There’s over 400 species of them, and they even have the
ability to detect electromagnetic fields in the water. All of which is why it’s so baffling
that Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has so little biology in it. Recently, it’s become
more like a reality tv show than a series of nature documentaries. And in the past two
years, it’s veered into really weird territory, with Discovery Channel actually deceiving
viewers about sharks. It wasn’t always like this. Back in 1988 when it started, by all
accounts the shows were great and educational. But slowly it’s become more and more sensational.
In the last few years, most of its shows have been about Great Whites attacking humans.
Surely there’s something thrilling about that. But there’s something backwards about it too.
Shark attacks are really rare. And in truth, we’re a bigger threat to sharks than they
are to us. These shows about shark attacks are great for making people scared of sharks.
They don’t do much for making people care about them. Now if Shark Week was just sensationalized,
that might be disappointing but tolerable. But last year, Discovery Channel entered new
territory, completely making up a story. They aired a documentary with a scientist who told
us that there was a 100-foot shark called Megalodon roaming the oceans, and it killed
4 people off the coast of South Africa last year. “Zoom in. Once more. And to the right.
I know it’s kind of blurry but look at that. Look at that. That’s a fin!” But here’s the thing. The scientist
was an actor, the footage was faked, and the deaths didn’t even happen. Viewers had no
way of knowing this. There was just a disclaimer saying that the scenes were dramatized. All
shark researchers agree that megalodon went extinct 2 million years ago, but an online
poll afterwards showed that 73% of viewers thought it was real. This was the highest
rated episode in Shark Week history, which is probably why Discovery is doubling down
with fake shark programming this year. First, in a promo, they hoaxed viewers by claiming
there was a shark in Lake Ontario, which they had to admit was fake after Canadian officials
believed it and started getting worried. Then they kicked things off with a new fake documentary,
Shark of Darkness, about a non-existant 35-foot white shark. “What made this incident particularly
horrifying was that the attacks were captured on camera.” Featuring another fake scientist
from a fake research institute, blaming a fake shark for a death that didn’t happen.
Finally, they’re following up with a megalodon sequel that claims to have new evidence. The
worst part about all of this? Discovery viewers have a real appetite for actual science. When
the channel debuted BBC’s series, Life, it got over 11 million viewers, more than twice
as many as megalodon. Discovery calls itself the world’s #1 nonfiction media company. But
it’s apparently decided that the natural world isn’t interesting enough for TV.

100 thoughts on “Does Megalodon still exist? Shark Week debunked”

  1. I remember when they aired the show about Megalodon and I loved it, I completely believed it, because (I was gullible) I thought you should be able yo trust Discovery channel…. I realised that afterwards

  2. I think that MEGALODON are real .
    And my uncle is a SHARK researchers,
    and he said he tink he saw a MEGALODON .
    Comment if you agree with me,

  3. And the moral of the story is: only watch nature documentaries made by the The BBCs Natural History Unit, just as the Queen would want it stands to sound of God Save the Queen in act of flouncy British patriotism

  4. Why am I so obsessed with these!? my brother and sister said that I talked and asked questions about them in my sleep o.o

  5. you never know with still 95% of our oceans still unexplored Megalodon could still be living in the very deepest depths of anyone of our modern worlds oceans feeding on fish and squids. Have ou seen that documentary about shark of darkness. in there they said the shark was about 20 to 30 feet long much larger than your great white so i believe that the mega shark could still live with out us knowing about it. So little of the oceans have been explored what about the other 95% Megalodon could still be hiding beyond our reach.

  6. Crocodiles got a second chance so if mother nature spared the crocs from going bye bye with the dinosaurs maybe she also spared Megalodon

  7. The only reason sharks attack people is because its a sense of mistaken identity of prey am not even 14 and i can out smart adults at this stuff🙄🙄🙄🙄

  8. I hate when I here people say sharks attacks humans on spite but they don't they do it because they observe with there mouth the would test whatever they think is food like surf boards and underwater cameras example when there is a shark attack the shark bites the person to test if they are food but lets go because sharks do not long for human blood

  9. i think people need to understand that sharks are not just mindless killing machines, they are smart predators but also help the oceans ecosystems, they deserve more respect

  10. Sharks are just, beautiful little…. potato-fish….

    With teeth and fins…
    But I love sharks! They just judge with teeth and not sight, most shark attacks the shark just bites, tastes, dose not like taste, wanders off.
    And don’t even get me started on how much I love stingrays…

  11. If ever was anything that could rival the tyrannosaurus' popularity. It would be the megalodon. It represents our fears of the ocean. It represents all of our myths about the sea

  12. All a megaladon shark is, is a great white grown to its max height. But because of.. I can't remember.. we never see them that much. Sooo that means that there could be at least 1 or 2 megs alive today. Possibly in the Mariana Trench. You don't need to believe me. But I'm 99% sure that's right

  13. Americans are dumb enough to believe it so, they will air it and you will just eat it up. You prepared for alien invasion when they aired war of the world's over the radio

  14. Let me tell you about the meg so the asteroud hit the Dino's and the Meg wus at the mareana trench and it wus so deep down the asteroud cooled down and drocke in to millions of peasis and the Meg is steal aliv in the mareana trench

  15. Although chilling to think about, that mockumentary in question was INCREDIBLY dramatized and made up, I almost expected the next program after to be a Sharknado marathon.

  16. Regardless of the BS in these documentaries to pump up ratings and instill fear into the human population of sharks ….You Have A Better Chance of Getting Hit By LIGHTNING then being bitten by a SHARK !!

  17. why is people faking that they still live?
    if you think the same press thums up on this comment and leave a like on video

  18. That's why I stopped watching that channel like you said at the very beginning it's more of a reality TV Channel now I really lost faith in it when that documentary came out about methadone and all the idiots at work we're trying to convince me and it's real and live today

  19. Truly the natural world is not interesting for us humans. Probably because we are Narcissistic. But could blame us for focusing on problems made by us. I mean we give Global warming all this attention because we are the direct cause of it.

  20. I would like to see the sequel of monster shark lives I real enjoyed it even if I know it dose  not lives

  21. You know guys…thanks to my great great great great great great great great grandfather dr.einstein the most smartest person lived long ago…the megalodon is still not extinct.
    Proof:when a meteor hitted earth and dinosaurs were gone how the heck did it affected water?plus some Meg's are may be at the bottom of water….

  22. Does Megalodon still exist? More than likely no, but it could. The ocean is a massive place and we have explored more of the moon and mars than we have our own ocean. To suggest an animal like Godzilla could exist is ridiculous but the Earth's ocean is large enough to hide a species that large. We are constantly discovering species we believed were extinct and we're discovering species we never knew existed all the time, mainly due to waters warming and animal behavior's changing. You have to keep in mind we don't have a "NET" over the entire ocean, alot of areas rarely see a ship if any at all, ships tend to stay in shipping lanes. So while we barely even see a fraction of surface, and surface life we know next to nothing about what what lives and goes on underneath the waves.

    It's ok to have a sense of mystery and exploration, and maybe large species still exist in our oceans we've yet to discover. As a bit of proof you should keep your hopes up The pygmy right whale (Caperea marginata) was believed to have been extinct until 2012 when they were discovered to still be alive, and they were once a favored prey animal of the Megalodon (and we soundly believed there were no more whale species to discover, since they breach and breathe air, surely someone somewhere would have seen them before 2012, but it was never documented).

  23. This is such a disgrace. I always thought of discovery as one of those channels that provided factual documentaries and actually increased our knowledge.

  24. Wait for BBC to put the idea that nature is not interesting to watch anymore to rest.
    Their nature docs are better than Hollywood movies.

  25. Look I’m not marine biologist. But u mean to tell me we only discovered 5% of the ocean and were 100% ruling out megaldons?

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