Does English medium education affect literacy rate? Learn the answer with Ms. Fatima

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about students hamari student cook career counseling in email Tito hamari beti go yep attire dr. van geen ebony T'Challa and gentleman Jaya I said doctor engineer Bandito home CSS curling hamari Michiko pata hehe k aptitude Nam Kikuchi Sophia totally me Nizam K salsa huh maybe a cheeky counseling tourney biragi what if he awareness can hear tourniquets aruthor Tocqueville then could be some Ajay K but Joe book is filled maybe it's not a charm madam we have nobody who but by thinking he you and Reggie medium hamara are sad drasi vessel tre Ogawa an apparent I am young regime we do manage it okay and ready medium Ashley was pranic evil USA hamari Han you share a Honda Giro matasaburo yeah de cachoeira Hanukkah to Kota looking up education gisado agar apni now surah quran' beeper over to up liquor sucked in the sheriff on the key tito requirement he a cup of Nanami climate fail igloo tamela tray to do Schreiber tak Mucha Galactica a bit Mars Observer chiami under a Zeki Lee a hamara dil 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is in the game entertainment KO ta then they keep enjoy gonna be to expand Lana though hamari education got a look a bread-and-butter K salt again maybe a succumb Kurumi Matt lemme furniture do my arts furniture uniqueness make specific positioning edges firm upon sector Miriam about query mentions only so Mucha that it'll pay Latakia Hama more Sri may education kotoha make Dyna carbon Ayane Subaru data it's got a loot system disheartening to kombucha mother semanas on ethylene Capitan his name expect common sneakers at the lake in other yeah dono streams shall be ringing a parallel Mucha galactic hum have no mind said by the la pareja education coolly nizamettin inquiry system better banana hammock enjoy the match is a rule it's a topper joining the market a realtor if you pay me back to Yuki Muto a lapdog is a medieval dance they should vote here hmm hamari unfortunately UK literacy rate of Zion about Isis about 57% a lake in lose 57% maybe many of Koba teriyaki job and Alec perceptive alliterated tow job looks odd apparently ki-moon caja my purse percentage coming Mutallab peg is a melodic health issue altogether so again very open family pressure Rafa combo pooja Taurus here's our do my part away enjoy kisaku Milan kuru kuru kuru a girl mu J ugly cities by judge Carnegie Mary 99% mark Sagar hmm Tabuchi lockpick evo tariqa yalla that were sama bob utley do Schreiber take a jab Hum is Nizam Italian P product dictum hum Vata they obtain a Joe ABI Valley genomic but Giavotella the Cushman epilady bata justo heart attack work he was a CSS student a choco I betcha CSS meaning he passata egg betcha I knew a student just now oh dear government college make mature hostel my pancasila Takata oh how many PI that shalt a gig but cha have up new start could sure use a mile later huh my potential taboo Ravana mega Puri class we'll get egg but shake okay Christina what's commodity as I give some coaches education sector he underwater to SFU water the he s atonia K hamara Nizam Italian homily the moholy-nagy Bataille hemana waaka bangerra and mind you teachers have played a role in it the host depression could burn an email Johar qej occasion systems are running up your thoughts are they but he not gay parents beaten donated negative see schema subsidies alert awake awareness campaign Vibert a countrywide FC campaign Joe valdon could be some Thai case a fake profession they oughta do scream at each other ha merrily education bread and butter a to paid government can show kanata e ki ha Myung on technical and vocational training or distributing Evo professions to mainstream mango highlighter nikkii zulu brothers say okay ba Chakri madam thank you so much nothing happening de cajamarca open is Damita an incubator banana had to open efforts to reduce labor Cedeno says Allah Allah are at the highest echelon ha ha Oscar bottleneck is the Duratec Asaka monitor be at the neck is the root our but joe kenda karrier constant is adhirata inshallah per GC 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8 thoughts on “Does English medium education affect literacy rate? Learn the answer with Ms. Fatima”

  1. our edu sys iz defragmented into various factions, namely madarsa government and private sys. I think this is very basic problem stigma on ou edu sys. furthermore cheating culture specially in Sindh devastated not the edu but even generations.

  2. Would u plz Guide me Madm that should I follow same strategy of study as Told by u for 2022 since I have Heard proposal for reform is underway for CSS so what should I do plz guide if anybody knows?

  3. I have started making videos on Idioms of CSS past papers and have, so far, made six videos with meanings and sentences of the idioms you can watch the videos on my this channel. Thanks:)

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