Does Affirmative Action Hurt Asian Americans?

– [Narrator] There’s a
fight heating up in the education world over the use
of race and college admissions. – You can not remedy past discrimination with new discrimination and
that’s what colleges are doing. – The discrimination was so extensive, that we had to make colleges
just for black people so we could go to college. – Well, Asians are the
largest growing segment in the American populace
and yet their numbers at your Harvard’s, at your
elite universities don’t change. – [Narrator] Some Asian
American groups say that race based affirmative action policies actually hurt their chances
of attending top colleges. The groups filed a complaint
with the federal government in 2015 alleging that
Harvard discriminates against Asian American applicants. The department of justice agreed
to investigate that claim. Does affirmative action
hurt Asian Americans? First we have to define the term. – So affirmative action
has a really long history. I think the term was probably first coined by President Kennedy. – [Narrator] Rachel
Kleinman is a senior counsel at the NAACP, legal defense fund. – And that was with respect
to employment programs, federal employment programs, but then, really sort of expanded
upon and put into place by President Johnson
and the idea was really to put some teeth into some
civil rights laws and say, okay the idea here isn’t
just to say there’s equal opportunity, but to find ways to actually level the playing field. – [Narrator] Since affirmative
action policies were enacted, minorities and women have seen increases in university enrollment. The supreme court has
ruled that the use of race in college admissions is
constitutional as long as explicit quotas aren’t used, but some Asian American
groups say quotas do exist. – I think I had a 4.6 GPA,
something around a 4.7, I had a perfect ACT score. – [Narrator] Michael Wang
applied to college in 2013. He was an outstanding
student and even sang at President Obama’s
inauguration, however, he was rejected by every Ivy
League school except U Penn. He filed a complaint with
the department of education alleging that Yale,
Stanford, and Princeton discriminated against him
because he was Asian American. – I definitely felt like,
really disappointed, a little bit angry at that point as well. You’re not sure why you got
in or why you didn’t get in and I think that’s what made
it really hopeless for me because if I had to go
through this all again, what could I do to maybe
improve my chances? I don’t have an answer to that. – [Narrator] A 2009
Princeton study found that in order to get into
America’s top universities, Asian American student’s
SAT scores had to be 140 points higher than white students, 270 points higher than Hispanic students, and 450 points higher than black students. – That is out of 1600 points. So that is really unduly harm, creates so much burden on
Asian American children. – [Narrator] Yukong
Zhao is the president of the Asian American
Coalition for Education, a non-profit fighting for Asian
American educational rights. They argue that Ivy League institutions use racial quotas to the
detriment of more qualified Asian American applicants. – That is illegal. Most Asian American children
want to have a big dream. In order to achieve that, they have to study with double efforts. – [Narrator] Since the
90’s, the population of Asian Americans in the
US has more than doubled, but their representation
in top universities, has remained about the same. – If race is being used
as a positive factor, meaning that it helps an
application, that’s good. When it harms the application,
I feel like that’s not fair. – [Narrator] Can being
of Asian descent actually disadvantage your college application? – Affirmative action
is not what is causing Asian Americans not to get in to schools. You know, racial quotas are not allowed and universities, as far as I know, are not using racial quotas. What they are using are
wholistic admissions policies which do allow for some
consideration of race as one among many factors. – But you can’t tell me
that a kid who has to score 540 points higher just
because of his race, over which he has no control, it’s an immutable characteristic, is not being discriminated against. – Why is it that it’s affirmative action that they say is causing
this when in fact, in most of these institutions,
they are majority white. You don’t go to these
institutions and feel overwhelmed by the number of black and
brown students you see there, and say oh, they must be
taking Asian American spots. It’s actually, still,
majority white schools. So the fact that this
argument that somehow affirmative action is causing it, doesn’t really seem to have
much of a logical basis. – [Narrator] According to a
survey by the Harvard Crimson, Asian Americans make up 23.5 percent of Harvard’s freshmen class. Black students only make up 11.2 percent. White students, a whopping 58.2 percent. Compare that to the
percentage of college age Americans of each race. Asians and whites are overrepresented, but black students are underrepresented. Despite the recent lawsuits,
67% of Asian Americans believe that affirmative
action policies are needed. – Yeah, I think that there
can be no question that we still need affirmative
action among many other things. Both to provide opportunities and pathways to opportunities for people of all races, but also to create diverse campuses. Without affirmative action,
we wouldn’t be creating this diverse group of
graduates that we need in order to lead this
country, to create business, to compete in a global economy. – [Narrator] Harvard
has agreed to hand over years of confidential
applicant records to the DOJ, who will then decided whether they’ve been discriminating against
Asian American students. From there, we could be
looking at the next landmark affirmative action trial.

100 thoughts on “Does Affirmative Action Hurt Asian Americans?”

  1. Black and Hispanic people and Colleges use the two words Diversity and Racism only when it benefits them.

  2. If you want Diversity, make the black kids study harder. Now there’s your solution stop making it harder for asians to get into their dream colleges.

  3. Sure most of the students are white, if you look at the overall population white people are the biggest part of it, also college shouldnt be about representation of any kind of race, this idea of race has no place in academia it should be about science. trying to get the smartest should be the Objective.

  4. How does "diversity" advance your physics department? Why do you accept a minorities student into your physics degree program when he can not pass the SAT math? What's that? Oh, you will put him in the liberal arts program. But then you will have rejected an applicant who can do excellent work in the physics degree program. Too bad? That how you feel?

  5. Retired Supreme Court Justice O'Connor once ruled that AA could be discontinued after 25 years because by then it wouldn't be needed; presumably the underrepresented minorities students would catch up by then. Isn't that amazing? A whole race can catch up in intelligence in 25 years! I wish I belonged to that race because then I could count on getting more intelligent in 25 years. Then I wouldn't need an operation. Thanks Justice O'Connor. I am counting on you.

  6. It's wrong. Race should not play a role. The best person for a place in university is the person with the most smarts. Screw dumb, lazy people regardless of their race.

  7. It hurts all Americans! They arrest people for paying to get their C-D level kids into Ivy League schools, yet they government forces these schools to do the very same. What ever happened to the Merit System of succeeding, No one should be given favoritism just because of their skin color you either achieve it or you don't get it, period! It is not privilege or racism to be better achievers its equal opportunity.

  8. our asians are too smart and make others look stupid. god please make us become stupid then no one will complain. please.!!!!

  9. choosing lower IQ and EQ students rather than higher ones, don't complaint when China exceeds US become No. 1. it is just taste of ur own medicine. god bless America haha.

  10. Affirmation action hurts Asians and White people especially poor White people. Of course the left wing media loves race baiting and racial communism.

  11. Instead of instituting affirmative action policies, why doesn't the government instead invest more in impoverished communities so that it can prepare minorities and whites alike for the opportunity to pursue a secondary education?

  12. What a nasty bias?? Over represented TOTAL BS! If blacks decided to study hard they would be admitted in larger numbers…and to think that ts BS affirmative action did not exist there would be no blacks admitted…stop being lazy and study hard!!! professional victims basking in their own glory…

  13. diversity is such BS…study and work hard and you will be rewarded…where are those blacks that scream that asians are discriminated??

  14. Anyone who supports "affirmative action" deserves whatever bigotry they receive. You are both racists and I denounce you both.

  15. Affirmative Action does not hurt Asians………. but…….. the Jews who oversees the laws hurt Asians ….. just like how they made Asians looked stupid, weak, nerdy during the 70's + 80's in Jew run Hollywood

  16. Can you imagine sports being like this? "There are too many black ppl winning gold medals. Therefore black ppl should work harder to achieve it from now on!"

  17. Please, let's speak of the Jews being overly represented as well. They're like 2% of the population but takes 25% of the university seats

  18. The left says all non-whites are oppressed, yet also thinks people of Asian descent are so privileged they need to be held back harder than whites.

  19. LOL. Diverse campus required to compete in the global economy. Give me a break. Meritocracy is the only fair way. Holistic admissions is such a bad smokescreen for race based discrimination it’s laughable.

  20. This is so clearly unfair, yet its so hard to find media arguing in favour of the Asian Americans suffering from this dehumanizing policy.

  21. The young man had nothing to offer the school but high test scores. He mentioned nothing else. Was he an athlete or in the band? Colleges want well rounded students, not just a nerd. All he had was a perfect test score vs someone without a perfect test score. The other person may be beat him at admission because of legacy, involved in student government, play sports, or band. There are hundreds of applicants like him that got rejected. So he blames the blacks who mostly comprise of immigrant blacks anyway, who don't qualify for affirmative action because they are not natives.

  22. We have to face reality, Asians by far are the most educated in any county…. its called "discipline" you either live up to those standards or you form a cry parade . Some cultures just dont have it. Its not discrimination…

  23. Yes because there are so many black people at Harvard filling up all the Asian spots. Just blame the blacks. Sounds about right. 😒

  24. Whah whah whah. Welcome to America asians. Life isn't fair. The white man put us Mexicans down for years. So deal with it and stop crying. 🤣

  25. Lol 50 bucks says that most of the staff in these colleges and universities vote democrats each election year

  26. the US called Democracy??? they underestimate the minority that feeds the rich people for a century. Slavery remains in the US, this nation is going backward.

  27. Hispanic rules. Chinese and other Asians were never discriminated ? Chinese were never discriminated in San Francisco last centrury ?? With current Political climates you have to be Hispanics ? Hispanic have much easier time than other Asians who migrated here legally. Those who come in Illegally are treated better than those who did it legally and do not jump the lines. Asian kids work and study hard. I worked during grade school, high school and in early college years. How many DACA recipients really work while in schools? They got DACA and designated scholars without taking competitive test. I took competitive test before qualifying to migrate to USA as professional follow later by professional licensing exam. US should level playing fields for all immigrants regardless of countries they migrated from. There should NOT be special ethnic groups exempted form rules and regulations of immigration. Those coming from overseas have much difficult times than those who just crossed the border illegaly. Current system makes certain ethnic groups dependent on social system perpetually. It is not fair for their future generations. Future is much better if you work hard on it. How many current Vietnamese and Cubans descendants are now in status like the migrants. They came later as migrants than the Hispanics.

  28. 🙄🙄…give me a break…🤨 it’s the whites not the “other” minorities taking your well earned SPOTS. Blame them not the other minorities…how obtuse and typical…🤨😡


  30. When it helps an application, it's good,but harm it's bad. That's why you didn't get into ivies dumbass, if you are harmed that's the same as everyone else being helped. Other being helped is equal to you being harmed.

  31. Asian Americans should be concerned about the legacy and rich students. I’m so glad the bribery scandal came out. Maybe now people will refocus their attention. Affirmative Action is needed. It’s interesting we point constantly at African American students, whose ancestors built this country and fought for civil rights for all. And these are the students who face discrimination daily in America that you think is “taking” your spot. You do understand affirmative action doesn’t help these students get through the K-8 and high school system that systematically sets up African Americans to fail? It’s ridiculous.

  32. See…. America says racism isn’t allowed, but racism is everywhere, it’s not leaving anytime soon.

  33. They say Asians have to get a WAY higher score then Africans. Africans and Asians have the highest mandatory point difference. So I think they’re kinda saying Africans are dumbest too, which that makes it even more racist

  34. As usual, people who virtue signal about wanting diversity & inclusion completely disregard Asians. We're always the "least desirable."

  35. In Malaysia we have quota for Chinese and Indian students to be enroll into Malaysian Matriculation and Public Universities. Only 10% of Chinese and Indian students are selected to Malaysian Universities.

  36. College admission is based on the merits and scores. It should NOT be based on the color, race or religion. It is absolutely unfair and ridiculous to apply the Affirmative Action. Why is this country unfairly treating Asians, such as Indian and Chinese students for the college admission? Certain groups of minority students, such as Latinos (such as Mexicans) can claim the economically disadvantages, can go to the top universities with lower GPA, lower SAT, while the Indian and Chinese students must have higher GPA and SAT.

  37. Lol I’m Asian and I was never even accepted in a state college 😂 then again it was prolly my 0.75 gpa that held me back

  38. Affirmative Action uses race to supposedly promote "positive" discrimination (i.e. discrimination AGAINST whites) to affirm, or increase, the number of non-whites (i.e. blacks). But using race to decide anything is racist. Also, if Affirmative Action is so good for American society, then why isn't it being used to increase non-black and non-white races in sports, music, film/tv, etc?

  39. I think every school has the right to decide who they want to take

    This argument or lawsuit is useless
    But I don’t support the racial fact, they should just equalize and make sure everyone gets a fair rate, mainly BLACKS

  40. This is false… most Asians believe doing a bunch of extracurriculars, high gpa, and high sat score gets you into the TOP colleges… false… being unique or a master at a certain subject has a higher chance of getting you accepted.

  41. Affirmative action does hurt Asians. Just look at UC Berkeley before and after race was removed from the admissions process. The asian student admission increased by 10%.

  42. Notice how none of the reporters are asian, literally asians are pushed to the bottom of society. When you go to chinatown do you see rich people? no, you see cheap restaurants n grocery stores.

  43. By all accounts, Asians nor any other non-ADOS group should be allowed to access AA.

    Affirmative Action was meant for ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) and only ADOS to function as some semblance of economic and political redress for literally centuries of (and ongoing) Federal and State supported predatory practices. Practices which intergenerationally kept ADOS from economically and politically accessing an America that WE built while extracting literally trillions of dollars from us. Asian Americans and other groups within America have an entirely different historical context.

    But like nearly every single policy meant for ADOS, it quickly becomes something that every group not only gets to access but, ends up having greater access to than ADOS (i.e. Asians and White women).

    Asian Americans do not have the blood equity to make any justice claim on AA. The very schools they want to attend were literally built by Chattel Slaves. As far as I'm concerned, Asians haven't the standing to speak on anything.

  44. First, only ONE race.
    The wording of Affirmative Action allows white females admission more than any other group. Moreover, if melanin enriched people hadn't stood up for equal rights, then many Asian-Pacific people wouldn't receive ANY acknowledgement.

    Shameful Model Minorities thinking they're better than darker people politics.

    So, it is fine for a Euro or Asian student who scores lower than another Euro or Asian student for wholistic admissions, but if a student is highly melanated then all is unfair?!
    Tired of no one realizing that melanated people run a vicious academic gauntlet designed to make them fail because they won't live DOWN to constructed white expectations. If you see a melanated student on campus, know they are survivors despite constant backlash. Once this nation ends systemic bigotry designed to uplift lesser melanated and rich people, we'll end AA. Until then…Still [We'll] Rise.
    All evil, hateful, demons of hate and chaos replies only prove my points as to why AA was needed. I take aforementioned jabs as a tickle. Our lives matter and Karma never forgets. Lol!

  45. this should be ILLEGAL because  I remember just recently lori Laughlin and felicity Huffman charged for bribing university to let their children get entry in elite university.

  46. Shut up with "holistic admissions", seriously. If I have to score 450 more on the SAT to get into a college or have a "social and lovely" personality, that is crap. Honestly saying, what is wrong with merit? If someone has merit, then who cares what identity they have? Someone answer this question: IS A MERITOCRACY WRONG/RACIST?

  47. This is why I won't get in a top 20 :/ if I was black or mexican I would though but my stats aren't on par with the other Asian tryhards

  48. omg black ppl playing victim card again, nothing new here….these ppl will cry until the end of time….sometimes it makes me think that they are happy there ancestor went through slavery so they can cry about every thing now and be black privileged

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