DoDEA grant creates new computer lab at Pioneer Valley Elementary

I was searching for a way for this funding,
to not only have an impact now but to have an impact in the future. What I liked about what Pioneer Valley did
— even after the grant ends it’ll still be here. It’s an asset now for the school We have paraeducators and they supervise the
lab, so it isn’t just sitting a student in front of the computer and letting them go;
they always have an adult available to talk to them, to help troubleshoot and more importantly
to help explain concepts if they’re getting stuck. If they’re not getting the prepositions it
brings them back again, it shows them a video, it shows them a different story that they
can then go through and be like, ‘Oh this is a preposition, this is a prepositional
phrase.’ It’s so personalized. I think that’s why there’s
such wonderful gains. So different kids are working on maybe their
alphabet or some of them have songs that play along as they learn. (singing) ruh ruh ruh radishes Well they have games that you play and then,
so you read a story and then you play a game, then you read a story and answer questions
and play a game, and it goes back and forth. It’s really fun. We do three little bears and riding hood and
some other stories. They have all sorts of stories, so its fun
stories that are silly stories about like fish having hair, and other stories that are
about real characters like George Washington, George Washington Carver. I feel like it’s
a really good addition to what is going on in the classroom. They’re focused, they’re in their zone. My
daughter and my son they love coming here, they enjoy spending the time here. So when
they talk about it they talk about it in a different way than they’re talking about their
spelling or their math. The kids seem to really enjoy coming in and
doing this because it’s learning in a different way. It’s a fun way. They’re still getting
a lot out of it through games and things like that. You can see their growth you can see
how maybe they struggled at first. Now they’re coming in, they’re excited and they’re anxious
to see what they’re going to do today. It helps you to learn. With my reading it’s helped me with fluency
a lot, because you can keep track and stuff. Or what I do sometimes is I’ll have it read
to me and then read along with it and then I’ll read it again, so it makes it a lot easier. I think it is a great program because our
society revolves around technology, and its just another way for these guys that struggle
to read to be more interested. And the smiles on their faces, I think, is rewarding We are so grateful for the DoDEA grant. Hearing about it I — you know — little bit
of pride just being part of that organization and just kind of knowing — wow — it’s almost
like DOD taking care of not just their own people, but everyone. DoDEA grants can make a difference, they do
touch lives and we really, really thank the Department of Defense for offering that to

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