okay this is mr. nicoleff atra we're inside a Lambert Social Services International House we have basically are for permission obviously to have our records on our kids Nikki so what how do you do about your your child being taken away by social services look at a camera I've been discriminating yes oh good god it's penny okay without my permission so cut them so here are you sorry we've basically what's it called go ahead Nikki sorry don't interrupting yeah gone so basically this is land of social services right in Brixton International House and we have been refused obviously to have our papers we've been denied contact to see our kids and this is number social services in Britain today they've kidnapped our kids poor Chloe and Jasmine yeah well we haven't we haven't been allowed not where we're doing this mishap use common assault yeah can't do dad breeze well if you had said we are doing it we've got the rights basically speak up Nick it out if you touch those caught on a song now stay there Nicky say they don't listen no Lambeth social services whereas took out it right away from us no reason yeah and they have like you're going to give me a saw it my but nothing oh no no if you sorry it's coming on the salt yeah hello any does it start go ahead Nick don't do Douglas no you want me going to please okay so so love the social services these are the people right obviously right we are all being denied here right they've killed our son Yeah right don't touch it Yeah right I'm basically what she could this is the corrupted building ladies and gentlemen yeah let's get a good look at what was going on yeah these are the meeting rooms ladies and gentlemen that people go into they had their conferences yeah this what this is what is going on this is their secret no me in ruse you know this obviously was gone if you touch me it's calming the soul I'm not touching you what girl cough you yeah well we're filming they took at likes a lot of him they took our kids away yeah for no particular reason yeah oh you people are on film yeah right we haven't seen Chloe or jasmine yeah and we've got a voice we've got the rights to speak up freedom of speech yeah well said thank you wouldn't have been starving how'd you go up um you're feeling day whoa come yes when Amy I'm shaking these people and now I'll be from being women these people here why obviously won't look right take on that one buddy we've got the rights yeah this is this is a gentleman for every one of you knows yeah that they have stolen our kids they have something so knock it by I excuse me yeah we haven't been an active no no files what so hang on please yes day one is doing to us yeah on you go up okay look I've been nice right all right honey do you pause to pain I understand you obviously these lab assignments Veronica feet nice yeah David day yeah yeah well let me turn to all of these people you've got stored in our kids we're doing here right don't stare the intro some people have to come in and well we're in a public place we know right in it with in here good day right here ticket yeah we're not editor lavish social services are sold in our keep paid and get it all ya know what I mean the door yes this is number social strategies people yeah people this house yeah we're the total services just stealing our kids yeah and then making false accusations on people this is what they're doing yeah this is they're all building their they have their little means inside this building and they are kidnapping a kid bite lies they haven't handed out with no papers you know we've been refused to see our kids they have lied they have all right let's have a look sad to say there Nick commanding yeah right so this is Nicky they don't get anything off right this this is Nicky but hold up Chloe where's Chloe they're calling Ola pick you up what this is Chloe ladies and gentlemen Yeah right this is Chloe right who we haven't seen how long have been seeing her for a long time and social services it was possible for the death of little Billy they killed my son they killed him ladies and gentlemen that is what they did they killed our son I mean getting you with a serum to kill him off yeah they've stolen Chloe they've stolen jasmine and they have lied they took a lot of rubbish in there yeah we don't get no finals no culture whatsoever all these people well was it cool I'm in a public place yeah well I'm in a public place so I mean I'm in a public place so well I'm not filming your mouth only my girlfriend well I'm filming my girlfriend that's a difference I'm it either I understand now I'm fronting my girl photography on anyway in Nikki so as it says what's it called here that lambda Stockton service is right they basically what's it called is the peanuts going in here Glamis also a stolen our kids yeah and I've got a clean CR be bright and obviously what's it called 1/2 cute okay accusing people of coward abuse this is what they're doing they are liftin typically certainly young nun they do give me a kid even card abuse yeah and I'm about to show you the evidence that I've got now my evidence is high because in this is asking us to do that look at this people I look at it look at lychee put thumbs in this room look at all these people look forward it people ladies and gentlemen yeah look at all these people who are these people indeed now look at all these people ladies and gentlemen yeah that goes into these buildings look at all these people yeah who are these people we have strangers that's going into the building yeah okay yes see me as well yeah : it's good at me I can occupy standard rights the CRB we're a clean CR be the CRB is basically what they need from March 2010 this is the clean CR be Lindemann and I still can't see my child Chloe brown yeah why is that because we have a double buckle see ladies and gentlemen there's my first CRP yeah let me show you the other one it ladies and gentlemen let's have it come on I know this song also knows as well yesterday the place pushed you hold on hold on this place get all you evidence together alright okay still rolling yeah yeah the only right okay this is row so ladies and gentlemen another CLB base 1 February 2012 yeah and it's a clean CR V and ya still can't see your kids because obviously they have stolen there ladies and gentlemen this is the building act alone their social so let's stealing their kids why are you doing and they're lying about children they are the child abusers option yeah and we go on to looking at all let's stop we need our human rights and every person in this room you know we've done all or what we can that parenting classes you know what this is Chloe this is Chloe Brown yeah she's been stolen by the lumber social services yeah and she has been denied to have a voice in this world yeah later hang in there ladies Henry look at me right they are gay keener stays what they are doing ladies and gentlemen they're gagging is for Carey and Nicki how long have you ever seen her for my hey is dissolve amber so Suzie Hart if your internet custody for no reason whatsoever a man is innocent till proven guilty in a court of law yeah who you today sir okay or I can so as I said this little girl Chloe this is basically dog Billy who basically the land of Social Services has killed him on calculating he killed him in there in an import Mickey right and then captured a river serum in the hospital ladies and gentleman days days little bitty down there this is also another picture of Billy you know who they killed yes this is Jasmine ladies and gentlemen jasmine yeah and what they have done is basically come to me go on company to Stillman called a nine okay they have stolen jasmine as well this is Jasmine who the land of Social Services has stolen iron from Island ladies and gentlemen they stole her for no reason and they have lied they are not handing over no evidence whatsoever these are the perpetrators and I hope to see these people these numbers also in a court of law god bless all victim divided


  1. social workers used to ferry boys and girls back and fourth to boarding schools often they were taken away from there homes to escape sexual abuse only to get sexual abuse at these schools . psychologist would talk to us about the abuse and it would continue why did they not put a stop to it they were just as bad as the abusers themselves the home office have a lot to answer to

  2. How would you feel if someone took your child away forever??because you have learning difficulties etc…That's definately discrimination!!!instead of supporting these people that are vulnerable you snatch their kids! ITS WRONG!!!!

  3. Wtf ia wrong wit this government, absolute scumbags. Weldone DO NOT be silenced. FIGHT FOR THE REST OF UR LIFE

  4. Pray U don’t get on social services radar!
    The only time they they should even contemplate child removal is repeat physical abuse and any sexual abuse.
    Even a bad parent who loves their kids is better than a stranger paid to look after them!!!
    Disgusting,when I vaguely got on social services radar I was so angry all I kept telling them was “u wanna Dictate on how to look after kids then have your fuckin own cause U ain’t having mine” !
    They knew I would go to jail for my kids and luckily in the end they realised it was bullshit and my kids are happy an healthy. So some are human an some are sensible but especially in the London boroughs it seems they are heartless pricks who don’t put welfare first just ticking boxes to keep their department open.
    Needs reviewing how they operate

  5. foreigners work there who are genitles with no souls who will burn in hell eternally

    send the black bastards back where they came form amen

    and the fake jews who are the literally the orphic egg seeds of satan to be skinned ALIVE and turn in hell amen every man woman and child of them

  6. Nicky and Cornel I'm so sorry to learn that yr kids have been snatched it's so so sad. I can tell you love your kids and I take it they've been taken due to nothing but the way someone talks!!! This is an outrage guys that kids can be taken because of a parent with a speech impediment and I pray so hard that you get your kids back. What the hell were you injected with Nicky? Is it on your medical records? Ask to see them. I am speechless to be honest. I want to say so much to you both but I'm just stuck for words as there's no explaining why we live in a country where kidnappers can swipe your kids and then the law is on THIER side!!! What the actual fuck is going on. You two are so strong and should be proud of yourselves as I would have died by now so good on you both for standing up for yourselves. I hope with all hope that you get your kids back and get some sort of justice for your poor little babby. Good luck guys and massive hugs xxxxx

  7. I dont know the full story, but this couple should be able to visit Chloe. Maybe parenting classes, assisted care and respite. Its about $$$$ in the end.

  8. Obviously this woman can take care of her daughter as is seen in her picture. Doesn't make sense. God Bless and keep exsposing them.

  9. the courts and social sevices will not let you put it on facebook all we go to preson how come social sevices are lould to lie and not turn up over 10 days and sit in thay car for overanower and separated children from eachaver and not turn up to court i am sick wat is going on i whant to help good mums good dads

  10. Hey you five people need to go to jail for taking there kids in the wrong time and wrong place and do not argue with them

  11. The comments on this clip are at best ignorant in one of his other vids he goes into a police station to report ambulance workers for taking this woman away with internal bleeding.After she requested  stay in hospital to get away from him he wanted them to get her back.Its about the children and what is best for them not this controlling man with issues

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