Doctoral programmes – School of Education, University of Bristol

I’m Angeline Barrett and I am the
Director of the PhD programme. I’m also D Level Director which means I have oversight
of our EdD programme. The School of Education offers
two doctoral programmes. The first is the PhD or Doctorate of Philosophy where in the first six months you would
do some structured research training a total of four units which then
put you in a strong position to prepare you for your research proposal. You write a dissertation of usually
around eighty thousand words so for the majority of the programme
you’re working on your own dissertation. The second doctoral programme
that we offer is the EdD so a Doctorate of Education and that is
a much more structured programme it suits those people who don’t yet have
a very well developed research idea or want to have a broader
introduction to educational issues and educational research. It has eight taught units, once
you’ve completed those units you go straight into writing,
working with a single supervisor to write your dissertation which is usually around forty to forty-five thousand
words in length. The School of Education at
the University of Bristol is one of the best places to
study for a doctorate because you will be part of a large and lively
doctoral and wider academic community. We are always sharing with each other
about the research work we are doing. We are always challenging each other; sometimes having difficult
conversations about our research. You will also find plenty of
support from other students, from your supervisors and also
from academics more generally within the School of Education.

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