Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

(orchestral music) – If you’re
an educational leader, and leadership is important to you and you really wanna differentiate
yourself from your peers, and you wanna really sharpen
your leadership skills this program’s gonna really bring it. I think the best candidates are people who really wanna take that next step in their journey. Every part of my journey
has been a new chapter. So candidates, I think, are
really who need that next step, that wanna push themselves
in their profession; this is the program for them. – So in my life, I
wanna use my time wisely in things that will, you know just increase the quality of
life that I have in the future. So I do feel like this program,
this EdD, is just that. At the most basic level, I
think the price is an advantage. I know a lot of programs
definitely cost more, and for the value you get
for that price is amazing. – You know it’s hard to find a really practical
educational doctorate. You know, you see a lot of PhDs. You see a lot of those sorts of programs, but just a program that
I can take that content and apply it the next day. You don’t have to wait until
your degree is finished to be able to start applying. – You know people
think about learning as being a destination a lot of times. I think when people think,
“I’m gonna get through undergrad and I’m done.” Or, “I’m gonna get through
graduate and I’m done.” We go out into the world
and we continuously learn. So this program has helped me understand that continuous learning journey, and also how to be a leader for that. I feel like it’s one-to-one, even though this is an
online program primarily. I know the faculty. I talk to the faculty on a regular basis. And I just feel as though
they’re truly an advocate, they’re not just someone
that’s providing you with an education. – All of the
faculty in the program have industry experience. They’ve all actually taught
or led organizations. They’ve all done research. – And they’ve been really great about altering assignments
to make sure that it fits within the work that we do normally. ‘Cause there’s such a broad range of folks and what they do within the program. – To be able to, you
know, get an assignment done at 3 a.m. on a Thursday,
if I have the time and I’m awake, or 8 a.m. on a Sunday is just really valuable to me. – I travel a lot for work, so having something that’s
online where I can do it anywhere at anytime and also have that personal synchronous
connection, as well with our faculty live — it’s critical. – You know the folks coming in, they really should look at this program. It’s new, it’s exciting. They’re great core faculty. And I just think it’s
really made for people that are working full-time jobs with families and it’s just
been a really nice fit. – I’m proud of the fact
that I’m in this program and we’re really kinda paving the way for future leaders in education.

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