Doane education department is a cut above

Hi my name is Nikki Piper and I’m an
instructor here at the Doane Education Department and I want to tell you some
exciting things that are happening. First of all if you come to Doane and you are
an education major and you graduate we guarantee that you get a job which is
very exciting. Also before you get to your student teaching experience you
will have over 300 hours in the classroom observing getting involved
with students and teaching lessons which is just a great amount of experience to
get you ready for your job and your career. Also we have small class sizes
here on campus which allows you to get to know your professors and to really
engage in the classroom and to have a really great learning experience. We’d
love to have you on campus so if you would go to to
schedule your visit we would love to have you on campus and also if you’d
like to know a little bit more about the education department you can ask your
coordinator and to contact me again my name is Nikki Piper and I’d love to talk
with you. Go Doane.

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