DO NOT Use FaceApp (here's why…)

– So unless you've been
living under a rock for the last week, you
have heard of FaceApp or maybe you've seen these photos online where somebody post a photo of themself and then a photo of themself aged like 20 or 30 or even more
years into the future. So I also was seeing these photos and this sensation even hit
the personal finance community with Jeremy from Financial Education, and Graham, as in Graham Stephan, and after seeing these photos, I said, you know what,
that seems like a fun idea. I wanna jump on this bandwagon as well. So a friend of mine that
I went to high school with sent me a photo of someone that we also went to high school with who did this FaceApp as
well and it was really funny, so he sent me that photo, and I said, what's the name of this app? I gotta do this myself too, but after I mentioned that to him and asked him where to download the app, he said, I have no idea, but I'm not doing it because I don't want to give my face to
the Russians, all right? So, having just finished up the third season of Stranger Things, I personally thought he
was yanking my chain here, but after doing a little bit of digging, what he said was actually 100% factual, and that is why I am
personally not using FaceApp, and I would not recommend it until you understand what they're
actually doing with the photos that they're taking of you and the hundreds of millions
of other people out there. So I came across this last
night at about 11 p.m. I set my alarm early this morning to shoot this video for you guys, so all that I ask in return
is that you drop a like, drop a thumbs-up on this video for the social reporting I'm doing here on this viable trend. I would certainly appreciate that guys, as it does help out with the algorithm and it'll hopefully allow this video to be shared with more people. Now, when you download the app itself, everything seems to be kosher. You open up the app,
you don't need even need to create an account in order to use it, and you just start taking
pictures of yourself or allowing the app to
access your camera roll and then you can modify those photos. So what most people do, which is what we all do
when we download an app, is we simply download the app, we don't look at terms and conditions, we blindly trust the developer of this app to be using our
data in a responsible way, or if you're like me, this is a thought that just never crosses your mind of what are they actually
doing with these photos? But it's a question that really needs to be asked in the case of what's going on here with FaceApp, and when you actually dive
beneath the surface here and look at the terms of service for FaceApp, let's just say things start
to get a little bit weird, and it almost feels similar
to a plot to Stranger Things, which is just the weirdest part to me. So according to the
FaceApp terms of service, which we are going to actually
look at in a second here, you still own the content, aka your face. However, you gave FaceApp a never-ending irrevocable
royalty-free license to essentially do whatever the hell they want with that photo. So do they want to take it and turn it into a Russian advertisement for a milk commercial? They have the right to do that. Essentially, they can do
whatever the hell they want with that photo without your permission because they have essentially
already gotten your permission as a user of the app, and I
know this sounds kinda wild and far out there, so I
wanna prove it to you guys. I'm gonna open up the terms of service now and show you exactly where it states this, and I'm gonna link this up
in the description as well, just so you guys can check it out yourself and understand what is going on behind the scenes of this app. All right, terms of service, section five, paragraph number two. You grant FaceApp a perpetual
irrevocable nonexclusive royalty-free worldwide fully paid transferable sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, publicly perform and display your User
Content and any name, user name, or likeness provided in connection with your User
Content in all media formats and channels now known or later developed without compensation to you. When you post or otherwise
share User Content on or through our Services, you understand that your User Content and any associated information
such as your username, location, or profile photo
will be visible to the public. So essentially, you are
surrendering your photos, your name potentially,
if you make an account, and your location to a app
developer based out of Russia. Now, is that in and of
itself reason for worry? I'm gonna leave that one up to you. It doesn't appear that they're
doing anything malicious with this data as of right now, but what it is is what
could potentially happen with this data three years from
now, or five years from now? So if we were to sit here and speculate as to what
they're actually doing with these images,
multiple sources online, I've been doing a lot of research on this, have said, it is most likely being used to train an artificial intelligence
facial recognition bot. But at the end of the day, the issue that I have with all of this is that they are
essentially using a free app and capitalizing on virality
to basically take people's data and harvest their data
without them knowing it, and it is very similar to something that happened about two years ago called the Cambridge Analytica scandal
that also involved Facebook and it was strikingly similar. So with Cambridge Analytica, this company released an app on Facebook called This
Is Your Digital Life, and it was essentially a personality quiz, seeming totally innocent on the surface. But they ran ads and they got thousands of people to take this personality quiz, but essentially they took
that data from that app, got an idea of people's political beliefs and used that data to run
political advertisements. So essentially, it's almost like these apps are just a
front for deeper operation here, like we saw with Cambridge Analytica and that may also be the
case here with FaceApp. And the real issue here is
that according to Forbes, FaceApp now has user data
on over 150 million people and not even 100,000 people have probably watched this video, not even 10,000, in most cases, so most people will never even know that their data has been
compromised in this way, and most people simply look at
this app as a funny gimmick, but in reality, it is a method of harvesting data for who
knows what the reason may be. But anyways guys, I just wanted to put this video out here to
warn you about using FaceApp. I want you to at least understand what you are getting yourself into before you simply download the app like everybody has and
start taking funny photos, because it goes a lot deeper than just making yourself
look 20 or 30 years older. If you have a friend or a
family member using this app, please share it with them
just so they're aware of what is going on as well and help me spread the word about what is going on here with FaceApp. I've also linked up in
the description below some helpful articles I
came across in my research that may help you understand
more about what is going on, and more about the parent
company that owns FaceApp. But thank you guys so much
for watching this video. Subscribe if you haven't already, and I will see you in the next one.

27 thoughts on “DO NOT Use FaceApp (here's why…)”

  1. Broo donald trump is angry because he tinks aniting that cams out of rusha is bad. Dont trust dis video and dislike so no one will get mad with rusha for no reason. So just tell him he is craz

  2. Tin foil hats. Do you have any evidence on what they are doing with them? no. Even android and google have our identities lol.

  3. I’m disappointed that Graham Stephan jumped on this 😢

    I told everyone y’all can miss me with that app

  4. In summary, the problem people have with this is that it was made by a Russian company, period.
    I mean what do you think Instagram, Facebook and the other social media companies are doing with your photos? You think they are just storing them on a server somewhere and doing nothing with it? Don't kid yourselves people. FaceApp is no different from the other big social media companies, only that their terms of service are not worded as well.

  5. like they say – "If You're Not Paying For It, You Become The Product"
    No app developer is going to pay for server resources for 150m users without some payback. For some developers they have an up-front cost, some have a subscription model, some generate income through in-app ads, and others use the data for other purposes. And if people don't like that basic economic fact, they should avoid all free apps, and triple check terms of service on paid apps.
    Even my telco has a handy (free) app which shows how much data I have used, but unless I had found the on/off switch nested about 4 pages deep, I would never have found that they were also collecting network performance data as well.

  6. My sister downloaded it and she said : “Can I take a Photo Of you?”
    Me: Uhh Sure What For?
    Sister : I just want a photo.
    Me: Fine Whatever.
    Sister : takes photo
    Me: is it good?
    Sister: Yeah , Wanna see how you look when your old?
    Me: Crap.

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