Do field trips have educational value? | IN 60 SECONDS

In education accountability era things
that don’t boost math and reading scores have fallen out of favor that includes
field trips but is this really much of a loss after all most of us can recall a
field trip that seemed more like a lark than a learning experience that’s what
makes the pioneering research by my friend University of Arkansas professor
Jay Greene so compelling using a gold standard random assignment methodology
Greene has studied the impact of museum visits and trips to the theater to see a
Shakespearean play he found that these field trips had a significant impact on
knowledge retention remarkably he also found that such trips
similarly boosted students tolerance and empathy why green suggests that these
experiences help students register things in ways that they don’t in a
classroom setting Greene’s work is a valuable argument that experiences which
have been pushed aside in our test obsessed era may deserve a second look
what do you think about field trips let us know in your comments also let us
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6 thoughts on “Do field trips have educational value? | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. I'd be curious how impact is measured. You said for instance that field trips increased kids' tolerance – did the study just test kids at one school that had field trips, and kids at a school that didn't? Because there could be many statistical inputs there.

  2. I remember all the field trips I had in school, and seems to have forgotten so much of the days I spent in school.
    Maybe it's because we had fewer of them and too much in the classroom. There are many things to consider, looks like more research is needed.

  3. I don't really view the educational value of field trips as being the part that matters. What I feel is the important thing is getting to form a positive memory on an outing with a group, something children who are less social or have parents that keep them on a tight leash might have few opportunities to do otherwise.

  4. Of course they do, even if it's based on something already taught in class it gets students more engaged.
    Are there bad field trip ideas? Absolutely. For the most part, even if they don't learn something new, they can still be impacted by what they know and see how it does or could work in the real world.

    I had classes in university that went on field trips, it was really nice to see how the theory we learned was applied.
    I'll never forget the interpretive feminist dance field tri….I'm kidding, I'm a structural engineer, but field trips help with visualization of concepts no matter what age

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