Do Emotions Impede Critical Thinking?

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16 thoughts on “Do Emotions Impede Critical Thinking?”

  1. Poeple should suppress there emotions UNTIL they have made the most rational choice. Than find a way to release it in a healthy way.

  2. I think this information is incredibly relevant right now. Thank you for giving voice to reason and not shutting out emotion nor elevating it. Emotion has it's proper place and life would be very boring and dull without it.

  3. That was very good.

    I particularly liked the point you made about life being more random than a lot of people take account of.

  4. Chris, this was a very good useful video. I see you touched a little on politics and noticed you didn't lean either way, left or right – good safe way to go. Probably good to let each individual exercise their own critical thinking and figure it out for themselves. One thing I do know is that Scientologists lean heavily to the right, and normally are the Republican types. Why do you think that is so? Is it because of Scientology's the basic belief in "responsibility" attract those kinds of people?

  5. hi Chris as much as I agree with you on the principle do you not think there can be some exceptions? for example I'm Britain right now a debate on whether hunting foxes for sport or to be more specific the principle that the killing of an animal for fun should be legal is getting some heated debate. If something you believe to be so perverse regardless off the justification is being considered is there even a coming ground to be gained for example when the ethical question of whether we as a species should be accepting the pain and suffering of another living creature for our own pleasure should be allowed. I have tried but I cannot find a middle ground in something I find so morally and ethically irreprehensible.

  6. Chris, Spock from Star Trek would be more qualified and in a better position to break down the subjects of emotions and spirituality than you lol. You've simply substituted one belief system/world view (Scientology) for another (critical thinker) in which to view and filter your perceptions through. As an ex-scilon myself, I notice you very much still hold that 'certainty' and arrogance of thinking you actually know the score on the subjects you're talking about, where from my perspective you've barely broken any bubbles at all.

  7. But Chris, don't you have to audit away all those nasty overts & engrams in the Reactive Mind first for a nominal fee? I imagine it's difficult to think clearly and critically with all that "bank" hanging about, to say nothing of clustering "body thetans"!

  8. Not where I thought you were gonna go, but I liked it! 🙂

    And I especially agree that wishful thinking impedes progress. "Oh we don't need to worry about global warming, god is gonna take care of it all!" 😒

  9. The intellect must be in the driver's seat. Emotion is the force that compels us to act: e-MOTION. Emotion must be informed by reason so we are compelled to act rightly. We have seen what happens when emotion isn't informed by reason.

  10. If you assume beyond classical mechanics everything is interim and can and should be rethought as new data becomes available,then emotions and logic can coexist .The rub comes from believing in the infallibility of experts or consensus.

  11. I find it fairly simple to maintain a level of emotional indifference or apathy when I choose to (i.e. when examining received criticism), though it seems most people are unwilling or unable to do so.

  12. Nice work. Great finish "critical thinking has to be practiced".

    "The US is more divided than ever before". cough civil war 1861-5 *cough".

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