DJI Mavic Air is now Quiet! Master Airscrew Stealth Props Review and Test

can the DJI mommy care be a little quieter well finally yes using this new kind of props by master air screwed starting with a disclaimer I've got nothing to do with master airscrew it's my own investment costs only $20 and apparently takes a long time to get delivered to my country using standard shipping but that's not the topic now there are three big claims that master asked we're doing on their website about these and I'll start with the headlines yes they make the Mavic air a bit quieter if you're looking for a way to make it even more quieter this there's a third way to do it but I'll talk about this by the end of this video now we're going to focus on the stealth mode oh and we are going to explore their features and whatever is interesting about them in terms of inbox think everything looks good the first thing I notice is they are actually mate in the United States and being that used to see made in China stamp this is quite nice cardboard box the props are inside with the carrying pouch with some instructions how to mount them they have a glossy effect and if we put them side by side with the original Medicare props a little darker you will notice similar shapes almost identical lock mechanism and what I notice is that the original medicare props have this bent part at the edge something which is missing with the master air screw model so I already mentioned about the three major claims which we can see on the ma website first of all there 3.5 decibel quieter secondly that they prolong the fly time by 12% and thirdly that they're 100% compatible and yes we are exploring each one of these statements starting with the easiest they are fully compatible with the Maverick air they use the same locking mechanism so there's no way to misplace them replacement is very easy and takes no longer than just seconds something very important is to pay attention to the direction when you're installing them maybe you know that two of the motors are going clockwise and the other two are counter clockwise and if you put the wrong prop at the wrong place the troll is simply not takeoff I've seen some situations with these exact props where you can hear some sort of stuttering feels like the motors are getting used to the props and I found no actual reports of any complications or cry which were caused by that let's move on to the noise level and testing I'm gonna be conducting two tests first one is outdoors and I'm gonna use the GoPro I'm filming with right now with its embedded microphone it's omnidirectional and picks all the noises from the surroundings so it's gonna sound closer to what you hear when you're outdoors and I'm gonna place the measurement right here on the screen so starting with you regional props [Applause] okay so you see the results time to mount the master air screw props and try them [Applause] side-by-side the results are pretty clear let's go indoors and this time I'm starting with the stock props and now we're switching to the n/a drops the next test is going to be checking the flight time and whether it really gets extended by 12% and to perform the test I've got a fully charged the batteries and to wait for one hour before the takeoff so that the Patras can cool down to normal room temperature the numbers clearly show that the MA props are in fact doing what they're supposed to do and this makes the Maverick air nicer to listen to no longer sounds like an angry bee it's now more like the pro model but still a bit louder besides the clear difference in the noise level the stealth props changed the frequency of the sound wave and being at lower Hertz this contributes to the perception they are actually quieter fit inside the original carrying case and visually are almost identical to the original props the great news is that you also can count on longer flight times and the promise 12% are actually there so respect it doesn't happen very often to see third party product to be actually better than the original it is too early to say about prolonged usage but knowing that master s could promise them to be good for at least 500 hours of flight time they certainly are of good quality at the start of the video I told you that this another way to make the Mavic air quieter and actually that's got to be even quieter than these master air screw props so the way to do it is to use the parrot and Navi props with a special connector because the mechanism of attaching is different according to some posts into the GI forums they sound slightly better than the master air screw however they don't fit inside the original DJI carrying case and having conversion kits it's never a great idea unless you're ready to live with the possible consequences and complications and that was it about this the three big claims that we're so fully compatible they are making the movie care quieter and yes they succeed in that task as well and thirdly giving you a bit longer flight time which is also correct statement so I would say these twenty dollars of investment are well worth and I think it's a very easy and affordable way to make your Mavic air even better and I'm very curious as usual what you are going to say let me know in the comment section below what you think of these master escrow props do you have some experience with them do you think that they actually are quieter enough than the original props and anything else you want to share about this lovely brilliant 4k drone my name is Michael it's a tech for old channel you got to help me a lot if you say like or dislike or if you hit the subscribe button so that we see each other again at some point it's been a great pleasure wishing you a great day and see you soon Cheers

37 thoughts on “DJI Mavic Air is now Quiet! Master Airscrew Stealth Props Review and Test”

  1. Great review. I take it that these were the Version 1 props. I have just reviewed the version 2 props and perhaps they have tamed them a little so the Mavic settings don't need adjusting. I found the new ones give an extra 7% to 8% approximately. Still an amazing improvement on the originals.

  2. Another good video. It was full of information, didn't bog down with too much talking, and it was organized. Sorry about the shipping time.

  3. Just make sure everyone who have them adjust gain down from 100 to 80 to avoid that motor warning.

  4. They sound like an improvement though the sound of the current propellers does not really bother me. I live in a suburban area of Atlanta and there is plenty of space in the public parks. I will probably try them because the price is reasonable.

  5. I have the MA stealths for my mav pro and they are very impressive compared to both the stock and low noise oem props. they have a bit more of an aggressive twist and slightly heavier than both oem models but are very nice to use and they are my fav 3rd party props. i never bothered with hover times as there are too many real world variables to really notice any diff

  6. Sounds like the props are higher pitch or something similar to move more air at a lower RPM so it's not so much that's it quieter overall but that the RPM had dropped for a given hover and so the annoying buzz.
    However this will reduce reaction time as the spin up will be slower which explains their faults with drift etc.
    This can be confirmed with a RPM check in the hover, the MA props will be slower.
    It'll also kill flight time if you like to chuck it about a bit.
    The motor faults are likely an amp overdraw as they will suck more trying to spin that higher loading prop up.

  7. I found that if you don't turn the drone on it's very quiet and makes no noise. Only downside is that it doesn't move.

  8. I think the frequency of the noise is an important noise. It's super obvious to the public when they hear the really high pitch of the stock props.

  9. The drones was way closer when testing the original props… don't you have a tripod? You were mooving all over the place and being closer to the ground.. which of course, makes the sound rebound even more.

    The second part of the test (indoors) is more relevant

  10. Um the noise level doesmt bothere me 100+feet up and prob600+ feet out from me. Im not trusting my 900 dollar drone with some 3rd party props to fly 400 feet up just because of noise. F what other people think

  11. Thank you for your video! Well put together.
    The noise level to us didn't change (decrease) by your video though… 🙁
    Would you do another video that shows the stock battery in multiple runs?

  12. “MEASURED IN HOVER” don’t believe the hype I say. Mine sound marginally different, in fact, they whine in a high pitch now. I get the error message AFTER making the setting adjustments, so that’s annoying and above all – my flight time has DROPPED to 15 mins maximum from a regular 17 mins with the DJI props (in my flight logs). I contacted the company and they said that sound is perception, and flight time is only in hover and in a controlled environment, not in the real world. Rubbish service and that’s my PERCEPTION. I’ll be making a review when I get time. Not happy.

  13. Mine did not lift my Mavic Air off the ground and yes, they were installed correctly. I see how the drone is definitely quieter now that it won’t fly.

  14. Air too loud…always my probl. Thanx 4 this video. Already ordered 2 pairs of those nice props! Thank you so much!

  15. Good video man, it has been quite useful, good review. For that kind of money is a no brainer to try something to reduce the annoying noise of the Mavic. How much did you pay for the shipping? Paying 15€ for a 20€ item is quite excessive which will make me pass.

  16. If this really works, that would be great. My Mavic Air is very rarely flown, just because of the horrible noise it makes. Other than that, it is still a lousy drone compare to my Mavic Pro, but it has some things going for it, expecially the size. If the props were available in the country I live, I would certainly give it a try…

  17. are they certified by DJI ? i don't want to put un certified props on my drone in case it put more stress on the motors

  18. I’ve seen advertisements from masterscrew that claims a 50% noise reduction. I have some beachfront property in Yuma,Arizona that I can sell to you if you believe that kind of hogwash.

  19. I wonder…twice less noise is so much improvement…at the expense of nothing?? Wait… you forgot to mention the max speed and the max payload….Obvious now why the pitch is not mentionned/measured for both type of propellers…keep the magic!

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