Djembe Drum Lessons with Master Drummer: Lamin Jassey

hello my name is lovin Jesse come from Senegambia and I've been a plain djembe all of my life and I've been living in England of 20 years and there over 20 is taught a lot of people lots of people and I just wanted today I just want to share the now what I'm going to do I'm going to try to put them three together the first one is this one if you remember and the second one is this one and the third one is this one even just that it can make you own tune you don't have to depend people sure you can make you own tune spending time with people and become good player what you have to do practice and practice and have fun and be happy you know and I hope so when you do that it's nobody to tell you more than ten minute you play like me you

31 thoughts on “Djembe Drum Lessons with Master Drummer: Lamin Jassey”

  1. The sound quality of your Djembe is so much stronger than other Djembe's I have heard. How much does one of those cost and where can I get one?

  2. I picked up my toca djembe in a pawn shop. My friend lent me the $80 to buy it right then. I figured I enjoyed my cajón so much, this has to be fun … Teaching myself ever since lol

  3. thank you, just got my djembe 2 days ago and never played one in my life and am already learning awesome beats. very helpful 🙂

  4. Anyone who would like to contact me – even if just to say hello or to learn more please call me direct on 07751 478 510. I love to hear from fellow drummers and enthusiasts x Thank you. Lamin x

  5. Listening to you sir,NOW I WILL BUY A DEJEMBA DRUM!I intend to study ALL YOUR POSTS!Official desciple of the Great Lamin Jassey

  6. yes,it;s the same beat but bhangra is played in swing and african has straight 16th note feel


  7. my mother posesses bought a Djembe and its a very beutiful instrument thanks for posting lessons it's been very helpful 🙂

  8. Please contact Lamin on +44 (0)7751 478 510 for best price on beautiful Gambian Mahogany Djembes as seen in the video. Thanks

  9. Hi! How are u doing? I am Marta, I live in Morocco and I do need a djembe for my friend from Poland. How could I get u? How much does it costs? VERY URGENT!!! My best regards!

    nice to speak the other day, i will ring you soon…
    lagarto algy

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